This file has ideas that pertain to a specific location.
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State Files - humor, page toppers and page ideas for specific states

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New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island

South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Washington, D.C.

NOTE: I found a LOT of discrepancy in the info available about the states. For example, there are various numbers given for the areas of the states and their relative size. Some variations were probably due to rounding or estimating. Other variations had to do with whether lakes and streams were included. I decided to use the numbers from the Bureau of the Census that includes inland waterways.
I was surprised to find that in many cases no one knows the origin of the state name. Obviously states were named by men, because women would have put the explanation in a scrapbook!.
As for the coastline/shoreline information--shorelines include islands, sounds, bays, tidewater, narrows, etc.
In some things, like temperatures, I used whatever source seemed most reliable or I averaged what I found in various places.
The "notable natives" are the most confusing. If someone is famous every state wants to claim them so you will find the same people listed in the state where they were born, went to school, lived some of their adult life, died or was buried--and in some cases probably where they just drove through once on vacation!.
If you have additions and corrections for your state please let me know.

Miscellaneous Page Toppers

Mix and Match

Most of the above titles can be used for other locations. For example: All roads lead to Ireland; Denver city limits, etc. Some sound better if you use things that start with the same letter. "Midnight in Manhattan" and "Moon Over Montana" sound okay but "Midnight in Topeka" and "Moon Over Wichita" just don't have much of a ring to them.

State Page Idea

Kansas Grown - You could substitute any state. If your state had a shape that wouldn't work for cutting a photo you could use the shape for journaling or in place of the sunflower stickers.

Links to websites with info about individual states

No Place Like Home

(Henry Van Dyke)

Oh, London is a man's town, there's power in the air;
And Paris is a woman's town, with flowers in her hair;
And it's sweet to dream in Venice, and it's great to study Rome;
But when it comes to living, there is no place like home.

Patriotic Travel Idea

Travel to cities and counties with patriotic names. Take photos of the 'welcome to' signs on the city or county limits and put them in a scrapbook. Also note whether those places appear to have more flags, signs, or other evidence of patriotism than cities with other types of names. Below is a list of places to get you started. I compiled this list using city search.


Songs about Africa

All About Africa

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All About Antarctica

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Songs about Antarctica


Songs about Atlantis


At Asia From A - Z you will find info about the continent and the countries it contains

Australian flag Australia

See Australia From A - Z

Things made in Australia are high koala-ty.

Songs about Australia

Austrian flag Austria

Songs about Austria


Songs about Bethlehem

Canadian flag Canada

See Canada History

Use red maple leaf stickers of die-cuts with photos taken in Canada.

You May Be a Canadian If...

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The Caribbean

Songs about the Caribbean

Chinese flag China

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Eqyptian flag Egypt

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British flag England (The United Kingdom)

See this comprehensive page at Welcome to Britain

Songs about England

Songs about London


See Nations Online for info about the countries of Europe

French flag France

Paris Page Toppers

Paris Quotes

Songs about France

Songs about Paris

German flag Germany

See Come to Germany for travel information.

I use the portrait sleeves a lot for travel pages; there is so much memorabilia gathered during vacation. I interspersed Germany pages recently with portrait sleeves.
All those colorful brochures from Neuschwanstein and the Alps and railway tickets and a deutschmark or two.
I remove the white middle page so that the sleeve is clear, and use a little photo tape to secure the small stuff (tickets, etc.) where I want it inside the sleeve, then let the brochures and guidebooks just fall to the bottom inside.

Greek flag Greece

Songs about Greece

Netherland flag Holland

Page Toppers

Songs about Holland

Indian flag India

Songs about India

Irish flag Ireland

See the Ireland file.

Italian flag Italy

Quotes About Italy

Album Idea

One customer used a Red Reflections album for a vacation to Italy. She also used Design Line Christmas stickers (not the holly or candy canes) just the red and green things for Italy. She also used the Christmas Cherubs (ones with a blue drape) which looked rather Baroque and fit in with some of her photos. (Gayle H.)

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Jamaican flag Jamaica

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Japanese flag Japan

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Songs about Katmandu

South Korean flag Korea

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Mexican flag Mexico

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Page Toppers

Page Ideas

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North America

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Portugal flag Portugal

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Russian flag Russia

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Scottish flag Scotland

Old Scots never die, but they can be kilt.

Page Toppers

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South America

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Get info about South America at Lonely Planet.

Southeast Asia

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Spanish flag Spain

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flag Switzerland

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Turkish flag Turkey

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U.S. flag United States

See Road Trip USA.

Songs about America

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Many of the song titles in the travel files come from Eric's List of Geography Songs

Vietnamese flag Vietnam

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Something to Think About

If you send a letter to the Philippines do you need to put it in a Manila envelope?