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Arkansas Symbols

Facts About Arkansas

chorus of Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me)

(Wayland Holyfield)

Oh, I may wander, but when I do
I will never be far from you.
You're in my blood and I know you'll always be.
Arkansas, you run deep in me.

The Arkansas State Creed

I believe in Arkansas as a land of opportunity and promise.
I believe in the rich heritage of Arkansas and I honor the men and women who created this heritage.
I believe in the youth of Arkansas who will build our future.
I am proud of my state. I will uphold its constitution, obey its laws, and work for the good of all its citizens.

Items of Interest

Notable Natives

Some of these were born here, others just lived a while in the state.

The Arkansas State Flag
Set on a red background, a white diamond represents the only place in North America where diamonds are found. The 25 white stars in the blue band around the diamond identify AR as the 25th state. The state name is centered in the diamond. Three stars below the name represent the three countries the territory belonged to (France, Spain and the US). The star above the name represents Arkansas' membership in the Confederate States of America. The colors are from the US flag.

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