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Facts About Oregon

Oregon, My Oregon

(Words by J.A. Buchanan
Music by Henry B. Murtagh)

Land of the Empire Builders, Land of the Golden West;
Conquered and held by free men, Fairest and the best.
Onward and upward ever, Forward and on, and on;
Hail to thee, Land of the Heroes, My Oregon.

Land of the rose and sunshine, Land of the summer's breeze;
Laden with health and vigor, Fresh from the western seas.
Blest by the blood of martyrs, Land of the setting sun;
Hail to thee, Land of Promise, My Oregon.

Items of Interest

Notable Natives

Some of these were born here, others just lived a while in the state.

The Oregon State Flag
Oregon has the only state flag that is different on each side. The background is navy blue. The back has a gold beaver (state animal). The front has a gold heart-shaped shield with an eagle on top, surrounded by 33 stars (number of states in 1859). The shield shows the sun setting over the ocean, mountains, forests and a covered wagon. A plow, wheat and pick ax represent farming and mining. Ships represent trade. The words "The Union" represent support for the US. "State of Oregon" is above the picture and the date of statehood below.

You might be from Oregon if...

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Songs about Oregon

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