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Facts About Washington

Washington, My Home

(words by Helen Davis, arranged by Stuart Churchill)

This is my country; God gave it to me;
I will protect it, ever keep it free.
Small towns and cities rest here in the sun,
Filled with our laughter, "Thy will be done."

Washington my home;
Where ever I may roam;
This is my land, my native land,
Washington, my home.
Our verdant forest green,
Caressed by silvery stream;
From mountain peak to fields of wheat.
Washington, my home.

There's peace you feel and understand
In this, our own beloved land.
We greet the day with head held high,
And forward ever is our cry.
We'll happy ever be
As people always free.
For you and me a destiny;
Washington my home.

Items of Interest

Notable Natives

some of these were born here, others just lived a while in the state.

The Washington State Flag
The flag was adopted in 1923. The background is dark green--the only state flag of that color. It is also the only state flag with a picture of a president. The state seal is in the center. It has a yellow outer border with the words "The seal of the state of Washington, 1889" (year state was admitted to the union). In the center is a portrait of George Washington (who the state was named for) on a blue background.

Ways to Tell Someone is From Seattle

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Songs about Washington

Songs about Seattle

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