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Facts About Tennessee

My Tennessee

(Frances Hannah Tranum)

Beloved state, oh state of mine,
In all the world I could not find,
Where God has strewn with lavish hand,
More natural beauty o'er the land.
From ev'ry stream and valley green
His wond'rous art is ever seen.
Ah, let my heart beat true to thee,
And swell with pride for Tennessee.

Thy rocks and rills, and wooded hills,
My mem'ry keeps the childhood thrills
You gave to me, that I might know
The joys supreme, you could bestow.
The song of birds, the whisp'ring trees,
The low herds, the hum of bees,
I all comes back so dear to me,
My childhood home in Tennessee.

Your battles fought, and vict'ries won,
Your freedom bought and duty done,
With daughters fair, and sons so brave,
To do and dare, their deeds they gave.
Courageously, without a fear,
And won the name of volunteer.
In sacred trust, let those who will,
By being just, preserve it still.

Oh, Tennessee, My Tennessee,
Thy hills and vales are fair to see,
With mountains grand, and fertile lands
There is no state more dear to me.
Thro' other climes tho I may roam,
There will be times I'll long for home,
In Tennessee, Fair Tennessee,
The land of my nativity.

Items of Interest

Notable Natives

Some of these were born here, others just lived a while in the state.

The Tennessee State Flag
The background of the flag is crimson. In the center is a dark blue circle outlined in white. The circle contains three stars that represent the mountains in the east, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the west part of the state. The blue stripe on the edge relieves the sameness of the crimson and prevents the flag from showing too much crimson when it is limp.

You know you are from Tennessee if...

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