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Iowa Symbols

Facts About Iowa

from Iowa State Song

(words by S.H.M. Byers, to the tune of Tannenbaum)

You asked what land I love the best, Iowa, tis Iowa,
The fairest State of all the west, Iowa, O! Iowa,
From yonder Mississippi's stream
To where Missouri's waters gleam
O! fair it is as poet's dream, Iowa, in Iowa.

See yonder fields of tasseled corn, Iowa, in Iowa,
Where plenty fills her golden horn, Iowa, in Iowa,
See how her wondrous prairies shine.
To yonder sunset's purpling line,
O! happy land, O! land of mine, Iowa, O! Iowa.

Items of Interest

Notable Natives

Some of these were born here, others just lived a while in the state.

The Iowa State Flag
The Iowa flag, adopted in 1921, has three vertical stripes similar to the French flag. The outer stripes are red (for courage) and blue (for loyalty, justice and truth). The inner strip is white (for purity) and wider than the others. On the white stripe is an eagle carrying a blue streamer in its beak with the state motto "Our Liberties We Prize, and Our Rights We will Maintain" written on it. "Iowa" is printed below the eagle in red letters.

You know you are from Iowa if...

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Songs about Iowa

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