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Martial Artsarmadillo

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  • Above the Belt
  • Alive and Kicking
  • Getting our Kicks
  • I Get a Kick From Karate
  • I Get a Kick Out of You
  • It's a Kick
  • Karate Kid
  • Kick Back
  • Kick It!
  • Kick the Habit
  • Quest for the Black Belt
  • What a Kick!
  • XMA (extreme martial arts)


Wrestling wrestlers

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  • And in This Corner...
  • Attitude is Everything
  • The Champ is Here
  • Face to Face
  • King of the Mat
  • Miracle on the Mat
  • Ready to Rumble!
  • Take Down
  • Taking it to the Mat
  • The Winner and Still Cham-pe-en...
  • Wrestle Mania
  • Wrestlers Never Lose Their Grip


Songs about Wrestling


NO 1/2 time
NO substitutions
NO time outs
NO excuses

Page Ideas

A Wrestler? Oh, No!

When first he said unto me,
"A wrestler is what I want to be,"
I did not know, I did not see,
All I knew was from TV
"Oh, darling boy" I cried in fright,
"Wrestling is such a terrible sight.
They bite, they gouge, they kick, they scratch."
"But, Mother Dear, that's called a match."
"Please, dear son, consider track,
That won't make you blue and black,
Or basketball, it requires great skill,
At least they don't scream kill, kill."

All my pleading was to no avail.
A wrestler he would be without fail.
I fussed, I screamed, I really went on a tear,
But all he said was, "Mother, don't be a square."
So about wrestling I tried to learn,
The midnight oil I did burn.
My son now thought I was a pretty hipped mother.
I read all I could, I listened with both ears,
What I learned about sets, and falls and pins,
I learned about takedowns, decisions and wins,
I never missed a match, even out of town,
Where my son was wrestling, there I could be found.
I can hardly wait for next season to start,
Because now I'm wrestling's biggest fan,
For there's no greater sport in all the land.

Why Wrestle?

Wrestling prepares a person to fight the game of life. The wrestler is the one athlete that must meet his opponent and do battle completely on his own; no one can substitute; no time outs are possible, He has no one to check, screen, block, or assist him in any way; there is no one to blame for his mistakes. When he wins, he must show quiet pride and modesty. When he loses the responsibility is his. Wrestling is a true sport. In other sports, when contact is made, they blow the whistle to stop the action; in wrestling, when contact is made, we're just getting started. No other sport requires more sacrifice than wrestling. The individual, through self-denial, offers more of his character than ever be explained here. It is something he carries with him throughout life, and through every trial, test, and tribulation.

Boxing boxing gloves

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  • And in This Corner
  • Boxing Champ
  • Boxing Ring
  • The Contender
  • Dance Like a Butterfly,
    Sting Like a Bee
  • Down for the Count
  • A Fighting Chance
  • I Coulda Been a Contenda
  • In the Ring
  • The Main Event
  • On the Ropes


Some of the wrestling page ideas can be modified for boxing.

Songs about Boxing


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