It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

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Sports in General

Things in the this section apply to any sport.

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A Prayer for Sports Moms

May we make it on time
To field, pool or court.
Arrive safe and sound
And be a good sport!

Put Forth Your Best

(Patty M., CMC)

The contest lasts for moments
though the training's taken years.
It wasn't the winning alone
that was worth the work and tears.

The applause will be forgotten,
the prize will be misplaced.
But the long hard hours of practice
will never be a waste.

For in trying to win you build a skill;
you learn that winning depends on will.
You never grow by how much you win,
you only grow by how much you put in.

So in any new challenge you've just begun,
put forth your best and you've already won.

Sports ABC's

(compiled by Denny Davis)

A - acrobatics, adventure racing, aerobics, aikido, angling, archery, arm wrestling, auto racing, autocross
B - backpacking, badminton, barrel racing, baseball, basketball, beach volleyball, biking, billiards, blind cricket, boating, bob sledding, bocce, bow hunting, bowling, boxing, bull riding, bungee jumping
C - camping, canoeing, car racing, cave diving, cheerleading, climbing, coursing, cricket, croquet, cross country (racing or skiing), curling, cycling, cyclocross
D - darts, decathlon, deer hunting, disc golf, discus, diving, dog sledding, drag racing, dressage, duck hunting
E - equestrian sports, endurance riding, escrima, Extreme sports
F - fast-pitch softball, fencing, field hockey, figure skating, fishing, flag football, football, formula one racing, freestyle walking, Frisbee
G - Gaelic football, goalball, golf, grappling, gymkhana, gymnastics
H - handball, hang gliding, harness racing, high jump, highland games, hiking, hockey, horse racing, horseshoes, hunting, hurling
I - ice dancing, ice hockey, ice skating, Iditarod, Indy car racing, indoor soccer, in-line skating
J - jai alai, javelin, jogging, jousting, judo, juggling, jujitsu, jump rope
K - karate, karting, kayaking, Kentucky Derby, kickboxing, kite sailing, kite surfing
L - lacrosse, laser tag, lawn bowling, lifting weights, long jump, lowrider cycling, luge
M - marathon, marksmanship, martial arts, miniature golf, monster trucks, motocross, motorcycle racing, motor sports, mountain biking, mountain climbing
N - NASCAR, NBA, net sports, NFL, NHL, ninpo, Nordic skiing
O - obstacle course, off-roading, Olympics, orienteering, outrigger canoeing
P - paddle ball, paintball, parachuting, paragliding, paralympics, para-sailing, pentaque, ping pong, pole vault, polo, pool, power lifting
Q - quad-biking, quail hunting, quarter horse racing, quoits, Q-zar
R - race-walking, racing, racquet ball, rafting, rallying, relay racing, road racing, rock climbing, rodeo, roller-blading, roping, rowing, rugby, running
S - sailing, SCCA, scuba diving, skateboarding, skating, skeet shooting, skiing, skydiving, shooting, shot-put, show jumping, sled dog racing, slowpitch snow skiing, softball, snooker, snorkeling, snowboarding, soccer, softball, Special Olympics, sports car racing, sprint cars, squash, steeplechasing, stock car racing, surfing, swimming, synchronized swimming
T - table tennis, tae kwon do, tai chi, T-ball, tennis, track, tractor pulling, trekking, triathlon, triple jump, turkey shoot
U - ultimate Frisbee, underwater hockey, unicycling
V - vaulting, vintage racing, volleyball
W - walking, water ballet, water polo, water skiing, weight lifting, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, whitewater rafting, wiffle ball, wind surfing, world cup, world series, wrestling
X - BMX, MotoX, X-games, XC bike racing, XC skiing, X-treme sports
Y - yachting, yoga, youth soccer
Z - Z-Cruiser (this is the name of a scooter, but I couldn't think of anything else for "Z")

(Include coach name, team, town, school colors, etc. - hopefully one of those will start with a "Z")


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Bowlingball and pins

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Bowling Page Idea

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        ii                / \ `O
      __iiii______________ /|____
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Songs about Bowling


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Tennis Strategy

(Arnold J. Zarett)

Though your game is hardly the best
You can fray your opponent's nerves
By methodically bouncing the ball
At least ten times before your serves.

skates Skating and Skateboarding skateboard

It has been many years since I skated and I have never skateboarded so if anyone has suggestions for this section please let me know.

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  • Big Spin
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  • Drop In
  • Fakie
  • Figure Eights
  • Flip
  • Free Style
  • Frontside
  • Goofy
  • Grand March
  • Heelflip
  • Kickflip
  • Nollie
  • Ollie
  • One-Eighty
  • Road Rash
  • RockAndRoll
  • Rollin'
  • Shift Kick
  • Three-Sixty
  • Trios

Quotes and Info

Skinny Boxes

(Jackie Kincaid)

Someone's knocking at my door
I leave the mop right on the floor.
Mr. Mark the mailman with a box!
Oh boy, maybe for ME, this rocks!
Return address reads "The West Coast?!"
Oh my word, what I fear most!
It can't be, no!
Tell me it's not true!
Why does he need another one?
I have no clue!
Maybe the old ones are too slow?
Could he hate the pictures on the old decks?
They're boring or scratched, they look like heck?
Maybe they're just not "cool" enough
Actually, I think he just needs more "stuff."
It doesn't matter what the reason
'cause it's not going to stop, no matter the season.
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
Skinny boxes, waiting, standing so tall.

Songs about Skating and Skateboarding