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(Jean Kenward)

Look very lightly
look that way--
I saw a dragon there

His ears were open,
his eyes were shut,
his scales were as hard
as a coconut.

His body was thick,
his tail was strong,
it stretched round the railings
ten feet long . . .

His snores were thunderous,
Dark and deep.
He breathed like an engine
in his sleep.

Look through your lashes
faint and small . . .
Can you see anyone
there at all,

Down by the railings,
I saw a dragon there

The Lonely Dragon

(Theresa Heine)

A dragon is sad
Because everyone thinks
A dragon is fierce and brave,
And roars out flames,
And eats everybody,
Whoever comes near his cave.

But a dragon likes people,
A dragon needs friends,
A dragon is lonely and sad,
If anyone knows
Of a friend for a dragon,
A dragon would be very glad.

Puff the Magic Dragon

(song by Peter, Paul and Mary)

Puff, the magic dragon
lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist
in a land called Honah Lee.
Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff
And brought him strings and sealing wax
and other fancy stuff.

Together they would travel
on a boat with billowed sail,
Jackie kept a lookout
perched on Puff's gigantic tail.
Noble kings and princes
would bow where'er they came,
Pirate ships would lower their flag
when Puff roared out his name.
Oh . . . Chorus

A dragon lives forever
but not so little boys,
Painted wings and giant rings
make way for other toys.
One gray night it happened,
Jackie Paper came no more
And Puff that mighty dragon,
he ceased his fearless roar.
Oh . . . Chorus

His head was bent in sorrow . . .
green scales fell like rain,
Puff no longer went to play
along the cherry lane.
Without his lifelong friend
Puff could not be brave
So Puff that mighty dragon,
sadly slipped into his cave.
Oh . . . Chorus


Let me tell you about me.
Children love me. You're a child.
All my heads are green and handsome.
All my eyes are red and wild.

All my toes have claws upon them.
All the claws have hooks.
I blow smoke through all my noses.
It is hotter than it looks.

All my tails have points upon them.
All my teeth are sharp and blue.
I won't bite you very badly.
I am fond of you.

All my scales are shaped like arrows.
They will hurt you if you touch.
So, although I know you love me,
Do not pet me very much.

Songs about Dragons


See Theseus and the Minotaur.

Songs about Minotaurs

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Quotes and Page Toppers

Ill-Mannered Dinosaurs

Never go to lunch with a dinosaur.
They're a mean, foul, nasty group.
They burp and slurp and never sit down.
They are likely to step in your soup.

The biggest are called vegetarians,
Which means they eat grass and trees.
But when you are longer than a school bus,
You can eat what ever you please.

The rest are called carnivores,
Which means they eat most meat
If there are not enough hot dogs to go around
They probably will eat your feet.

And when it comes time to clear the plates
They'll try to sneak away.
Instead of helping with the dishes,
They'll try to go out and play.

Once a Mighty Dinosaur

Once a mighty dinosaur
Sat down upon a jungle floor
He died, he did, without a name,
And no one cried. (Oh! what a shame)

Then many, many years went by.
The bones he left lay old and dry.
They dug, they did, some time ago.
And found his bones; that's how I know.

Now, somewhere in a big museum,
If you go there, you can see 'em:
The bones, they're there, upon the floor
Enough to make a dinosaur.


Dinosaurs lived so long ago
they never had a chance to know
how many kids would love to get
a dinosaur to be their pet!

There's a Dinosaur Knocking at My Door

(Linda Arnold)

There's a dinosaur knocking at my door
Knocking at my door 1-2-3-4.
There's a dinosaur knocking at my door
And I think he wants to play with me.

Well of all the things that I've seen before
I never thought I'd ever see a dinosaur.
So I decided to open the door real wide
To see if my dinosaur could squeeze inside.
(repeat chorus)

Well he rubbed his tummy and he said "I'm hungry!
You got any pizza with some pepperoni?"
I found him a great big pizza pie
He ate the whole thing in one big bite!
(repeat chorus)

Well we started bouncing on my brother's bed
Boing boing boing boing boing boing boing.
We were having fun until I bumped my head
So we decided to try to do a little dance
We did the locomotion with ants in our pants.
(repeat chorus)

Well it's time to say goodbye
I think that I am going to cry.
But the dinosaur said he'd be back to play
"I'll come back again another day!"

Songs about Dinosaurs

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