My Daughters

Kendi and Daisy Jodi and Miranda

These are my daughters Kendi and Jodi. The cats they are holding are also sisters.
The white and gray one was my cat, Daisy, and the brown tabby was Jodi's cat, Miranda.

(I plan to add LOTS more photos of the girls later on - I am sure that will thrill them!)

Denny, Kendi, Jodi 1967 Denny, Kendi, Jodi 1976 Denny, Kendi, Jodi 1981
Denny, Kendi and Jodi in 1967, 1976 and 1981

Jodi and family
Kevin, Jodi, Staci, Kelsey and Megan in 1995

Kendi, Jodi and family
Kendi, Staci, Jodi, Kevin, Megan and Kelsey in 2002

Christmas 2009
Denny, Kendi, Staci, Megan, Kelsey and Jodi in 2009

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