A little bit about me...

This website is about my family and friends but here is a little about me.
I will start with one of my favorite poems.

Myself and Me
(Helen Harrington)

I spend
a lot of time with myself
trying to be my friend,
Sometimes listening to my apologies,
often to my excuses,
occasionally to my good sense.

I know me well, but
- now and then -
find me an interesting stranger!


Eventually I will write about my childhood and family history. There are photos and info about my school days on the website I made for my high school graduating class - the (Garnett High School Class of '65).

Here is a brief overview of my life since high school:

I got married a few months after graduation. We lived in Iola for a few months and then in Garnett for a couple of years. My daughters were born in Garnett - Kendi on September 1, 1966 and Jodi on August 25, 1967. In 1968 we moved to Wichita, KS.
I was a licensed day care provider until the girls started school; then I worked at H&R Block for 3 years. I was very active in Camp Fire Girls, being a room-mother at school and lots of other "mom" stuff.

In 1977 we moved to a rural area south of Haysville. We had one dog at the time but I plunged right into country life and rapidly accumulated another dog, three cats, 15 rabbits, 25 chickens and a horse. Two years later we moved to an old farm house on two acres southwest of Wichita, near Clearwater. Financially that was a mistake because it required huge amounts of time and money to get the house and yard the way we wanted. However, I enjoyed living in the country and it was a good place for the girls to grow up.

After girls were grown I worked at the Clearwater Public Library for 8 years - first as assistant librarian, then as automation librarian. Later I was a Creative Memories scrapbook consultant. I didn't like the paperwork and didn't make much money but still love to make scrapbooks.

In 2000 I started making changes in my life. I started walking on a regular basis. I did it because the doctor told me to because my cholesterol was high, but it became something I enjoy and a great stress reducer. (And I was very pleased about the 20 pounds I lost the first year!).

In January 2001 I made a major change when I started school at the Wichita Area Technical College. I took 18 credit hours most semesters and several summer classes. The homework kept me busy but I enjoyed almost all my classes. After getting an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems in 2003, I continued on to WSU and got a Bachelor's Degree in July 2004.

That same month my divorce was final. I had already been living in an apartment in Wichita for several months. I worked in the scanning department at Dillons for a few months then in 2005 I got a job as a customer service representative at T-Mobile. I worked there until they outsourced my job in March 2011. The next four years I worked at H&R Block. I am now retired.

In the summer of 2011 I purchased a mobile home. It is used but had been refurbished. It is nice being able to make changes that I wasn't able to do in an apartment. Also it is nice to have a yard. My cat, Pixel, who recently passed away, loved the extra space as well as having more windows than any of the apartments we had lived in.

Hobbies and Interests

I have done a lot of volunteer work over the years. First with Camp Fire Girls and at school, then with various environmental groups, the genealogy library in Wichita, the Humane Society, etc. I took a lot of classes and seminars at the Marcus Learning Center, Wichita Free University, Sedgwick County Extension Service, Wichita Park Board and Clearwater Recreation Commission. I have also taught classes through most of those places. Mostly I taught computers, genealogy, uncluttering, crafts, and needlework.

Besides the things I mentioned above - scrapbooking, volunteer work and pets - I have had a lot of interests over the years. Some that come to mind are reading, photography, needlework, sewing, genealogy, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, gardening and computers.

When I got my first computer in 1991 I wasn't even sure I really wanted it - and I definitely didn't expect it to become an important part of my life. I got it because I had 12 notebooks full of genealogy data and needed a way to organize it. At first I was very nervous about using it but after a few weeks I really started liking it. Now I use a computer for everything I possibly can.I got on the internet in 1996 and that opened up a whole new world. It allowed me to reconnect with friends and join some support groups - both of which allowed me to be the person I am today.

This may not have seemed brief to those of you who hung in there and read the entire page, but believe me it's about as brief as I ever get!

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