Album and Page Ideas

Been there, done that - have the layout!

Album Types

Die-Cuts; Stickers

Fancy Pages

extend-a-page; 4-page spread, flip pages, pocket pages, portrait sleeves, etc.

General Layout Ideas

design principles, using small photos, paper photo corners, photo mounting sleeves, labeling a group photo, scrapbook idea jar, etc.

One-Day Albums

getting albums done in a hurry

Perpetual Sentiments Album

great album to make for your child's grandparents - or yourself

Paper Ideas

using printed paper, economical use of paper, etc.

Peek-A-Boo Pages

Photo Organization

organizing photos and memorabilia to make scrapbooking quick and easy

Workshop Ideas

This file was created for scrapbook consultants but has some good ideas on using a circle cutter, oval cutter, crimper/corrugator, etc.

Quick Albums

quick tips, Power Layouts, speed cropping, making your own Short-cuts, quick and classic pages, etc.

Classic Scrapbooks Using Black Pages

Many people like the look of old-time scrapbooks and photo albums that had black pages. Now that various companies make black refill pages for their scrapbooks, it is easy to duplicate the look.