Also see ABC stickers.

Most of these ideas can be altered to use with similar stickers. Mrs. Grossman stickers and other websites have ideas on using stickers.

Construction Stickers

Use them with pages of your children or grandchildren and call them "Building Memories." Any kind of photos would work with this.

Path and Sidewalk Stickers

These can be used on pages for life's decisions and called "The Path We Chose". They can also be used on pages like "Daily Walks," etc.

Whisper Labels

Note: as of 2021 these stickers are still available online.

They work as corners by cutting them in half diagonally.
Another use is be to place them on a dark colored paper in the portrait position and place a long tall sticker on them. The Xmas candle would work. Or how about some ABC letters to make initials of the person you're spotlighting. (Claudia in CA)

Keep a backing sheet from a sticker strip . . . it is useful if you place a sticker where you don't want it. Just use the edge of the sheet to slip under the sticker and off it comes! Then use this strip to store the sticker on.

Hat Stickers

See the Hair, Haircuts and Hats file

. Some people also use hat stickers related to occupations for a "When I Grow Up" page.

Heritage Stickers

Many of the stickers in the heritage pack are good to use for various occupations that were common in the past. For example: furniture maker - rocking chair; farmer - animals; milliner - hat and gloves; shoemaker (cobbler) - shoes; clockmaker - clock; accountant, clerk or banker - glasses and quill pen; nanny - baby carriage; delivery person - wagon; etc.

Note: Design-line stickers are long strips to use as page borders, and as of 2021, Mrs. Grossman still makes them (though not the same ones as when I first create this page).

Metallic DesignLines

Border: put two or three coordinating metallic design line sticker strips down the outside edges of a 2-page spread. The outside strip should go almost to the bottom and the inner strips stopping progressively shorter by about 1/2 inch or so. Then cut 2 strips to match your outside color that are about 6 or 8 inches long. Put one along the bottom of the left page starting so it touches the outside left strip that it matches. Do the same on the right side. Then cut two more strips the same color as the second strip and about 2 inches shorter than the strips you just cut. Put them on the bottom of the page just above the two you just added so they start where they meet the matching edge strip. Do the same with the next color.
If it sounds a little confusing think of it this way. On the left page you will have a large "L" shape around the left and bottom outside edge of the page with smaller "L" shapes just to the right and slightly above. On the right page it will be the same but reversed.

Amazing sticker idea

Actually the idea is not all that amazing--it is just amazing that I did not think of it before ;-)

I had used the strips from the Halloween design line when I noticed that the leftover parts looked kind of interesting. So I cut the ends off (the two strips on the outside are attached at the ends) and experimented a little. I found that you can make a really neat looking page border with the 2 strips that are adjacent to the purple 'rickrack'. I used two design line stickers and made a border all the way around the page but just a top and bottom border would look fine, too. I put the straight black edge along the page edges top and bottom and along the jeeping on the sides with the purple v's pointing to the center of the page. If you were making a top and bottom border only it would probably look good to add the purple rickrack about 1/4 inch from the black/purple piece.

On another page I used the yellow/orange-striped strip to go down the sides of the page next to the jeeping. At the top of the page I put the very narrow strip that is next to the yellow/orange one. I put the black part along the page edge. At the bottom I put the strip from the other side of the yellow/orange one--with the green part along the page edge.

The last idea takes four design line stickers. The strip you use from each design line sticker is the one that is on the edge of the green wavy strip with the orange on the straight edge (you could use the one without the orange edge--I just wouldn't mix the two on the same page). First you put one strip down with the orange straight edge next to the jeeping. Then you put a second strip down with the wavy edges next to each other but with a tiny bit of the white page showing through. Then you put the other two strips the same way on the other side of the page.

Another consultant told me that one of her customers was doing something similar with the new Fiesta design line sticker 'scrap' pieces. Since those are pastel and white use them on colored paper or black pages.

People who make simple pages with lots of photos and journaling can use these ideas because they do not take up much room and do not detract from the photos. Other people may want to use them combined with other stickers from the same strips. This idea could be used at a "thrifty scrapper" workshop. (Denny)

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