School Tour

Below are some photos of the tour of the schools on Saturday afternoon. If anyone else has photos or comments about the tour please let me know.

I thought it was very interesting. We visited the (old) high school first. I was shocked at how little it had changed! It did seem somewhat smaller than I remembered and was painted in brighter colors but basically it was very much as it was in 1965. It is now used as a middle school.

old high school
BettyP, GaryW, LindaH, LindaL2, MarkW, DavidM

old high school
MarilynN, LindaL2, Jeanne & RonW, DennyD Alby, RogerA,
DavidM, MarkW, LindaH, RobertaH

old high school
DanF, RogerA; GaryW, MarkW, FranC, BettyP;
RobertaH, DennyD MarilynN; LindaL2, LindaH; MerleW, DavidM

For the rest of the tour we (at least those of us who were adventuresome enough!) rode a school bus. That sure brought back memories.
The second school we visited was Irving. It seemed pretty much the same except for the balcony being made into storage rooms and the driveway cutting across the front lawn.

Irving School
At Irving School
DanF, DavidM, FranC, RonW, LarryC, MonteM, RogerA;
LindaL2, LindaH, MarilynN, DennyD PaulS, MerleW, GaryW