Garnett High School Class of '65

35-Year Reunion

Later I will write a detailed report about the reunion but now I just want to say I thought it was the best reunion ever and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Many thanks to Monte Mace, Marilyn (Nilges) Bennett, Linda (Lewis) Moody, Ron Romig, Roberta (Hill) Romig, Terry Cain, Joe Lytle, John Walter and anyone else who had a part in the many hours of planning and hard work it took to make it all happen.

Class members who attended at least one event at the reunion include:
Roger Adams, Marilyn (Nilges) Bennett, Jan (Brecheisen) Lyson, Keeta (Skillman) Burger, Terry Cain, Larry Caldwell, Glenn Caldwell, Fran (Craig) Sandwith, Leonard Davison, Denny (Davis/Ulses) Alumbaugh, Harold Denchfield, Dan Fraker, Jerry Hoke, Linda (Holmes) Macklin, Linda (Lewis) Moody, Linda (Lickteig) Teichgraeber, Monte Mace, Joe Lytle, Ron McCain, David McDonald, Martha (Hughes) Miller, Tarry Miller, Betty (Pickert) McArdle, Roberta (Hill) Romig, Ron Romig, Paul Schuster, Steve Stevens, Charles Vosseller, Herb Waring, John Walter, Gary Wittman, Merle Wittman, Ron Wolken, Mark Womelduff, Ruth (Randall) Martinez along with numerous spouses, signifcant others, children, siblings, etc.

Let me know if I left anyone out or if you have thoughts or photos you would like to have added to the website. Click the links below to see some photos. Mike Champe designed special t-shirts for the reunion.

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