Those Who Serve

What we call being a hero, they call just doing their job.

Community Service


Law Enforcement Officers

Military; Military Connections; Military Humor; Peace; Veterans Day

Air Force; Army; Marines; Navy (including Seabees)

Patriotism and Politics; Political Humor, Guns and Gun Rights, Living Through a Pandemic, and September 11, 2001

Note: There was a time when many politicians were public servants who gave up time and took lesser money to serve their country in politics. That is no longer true in many cases. Many politicians get speaking fees and write books - to say nothing of the things they get from lobbyists. Many get very nice pensions and perks and make politics their career. Unfortunately, some use their office and influence to help themselves or their family get things they shouldn't. But because of the people who do become politicians to help their country, I will leave the files in this section.