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Fancy Page Idea

Make a HALF Christmas tree template out of thin cardboard that refill pages come on. The tree should be the full length of the cardboard from top to bottom and as wide as possible. Line it up along the inside jeeping of a page and trace it onto the page and cut out. The outer jeeping will be removed and the inside jeeping will be the trunk of the tree. Put one or more tree shaped pages in the middle of a two page spread.
Cover the trees with green paper (solid or print) on both sides. The tree shapes can be used for journaling, title or extra photos. You could cut small photos or parts of photos in to circle and 'hang' on the tree like ornaments. Decorate with stickers or pens. You can make presents out of paper and place across bottoms of the pages that are on either side of the tree. Be sure to plan the layout of the pages on either side so they look okay with the inner pages as you turn them.
You can also cut two more half tree shapes from the same green paper you use to cover the trees. Put those two trees on the pages that the cut page will go between. That way the tree always looks complete whichever way you have the pages open. You could use a pen to color the jeeping.

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