This file includes Snow Angels, Sledding, Skating, Skiing and Snowboarding, and Hockey. Also see Weather and Winter.

Snow Angels

Whenever a snowman melts away, a snow angel is added to heaven that day.

Snow Angel Page

You need several snow pictures--including one of your child making a snow angel. Use the angel die-cut for a pattern to crop the snow angel photo. Adhere the photo to light blue paper and cut around it leaving only 1/8 to 1/4 inch of blue paper showing.
Cut four other photos into large ovals. Arrange the photos on the page with the angel in the center on top and overlapping the other photos. You could draw around the area where the angel overlaps the other photos and crop them on those lines--leaving a little space between the photos. You could leave off the blue paper and trace around the angel photo with a blue pen.

Making Angels in the Snow

(Mona K. Guldswog)

Oh, to be like children making angels in the snow,
filled with the happy glow of innocence
and bright, rosy dreams.
Should we stop for just a while,
let the snowflakes melt on our collars,
and remember?

How to Make a Snow Angel

(Ralph Fletcher)

Go alone or with a best friend.
Find a patch of unbroken snow.
Walk on tiptoes. Step backwards
Into your very last footprints.

Slowly sit back onto the snow.
Absolutely do not use your hands.
By now you should be lying flat
with snow fitting snug around you.

Let your eyes drink some blue sky.
Close them. Breathe normally.
Move you arms back and forth.
Concentrate. Think: snow angel.

In a minute don't be surprised
If you start feeling a little funny.
Big and small. Warm and cold.
Your breath as light as a snowflake.

Sweep your legs back and forth
But keep both eyes tightly closed.
Keep moving the arms until they
Lift, tremble, wobble, or float.

Stand without using your hands.
Take time to get your balance.
Take three deep breaths.
Open your eyes.

Stretch. Float. Fly!

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A Sledding Song

(Norman C. Schlichter)

Sing a song of winter,
Of frosty clouds in air!
Sing a song of snowflakes
Falling everywhere.

Sing a song of winter!
Sing a song of sleds!
Sing a song of tumbling
Over heels and heads.

Up and down a hillside
When the moon is bright,
Sledding is a tiptop
Wintertime delight.


Now is here--
A fine new start
For a whole new year.

The snow comes down
In the dark of night.
When we awake
The world is white.

In January
When there's snow,
We get our sleds
And away we go.

Here's a Hill

Here's a hill
All covered with snow.
We'll get ready.
Down we go!

The Hard Part of Sledding

(Marsha Hayles)

The hard part of sledding
Is heading
In a slow,
Mountaintop Climb.
The fun part of sledding's heading
Of flashing
Fun time!

Let's Go Coasting

(Nona Keen Duffy)

Let us go coasting
On my brand-new sled.
It is new and shiny;
And is painted red!

It is big and roomy;
We can ride it double.
Two can get on it
Without any trouble.

You can help me pull it;
We can ride together.
Let us go coasting,
For it's splendid weather!

Get your coat and mittens;
All the world is white.
Let us go coasting
While the snow is just right!


(Judy Mahar)

and heading for spaces below,

and sliding across the new snow,

an icing of white on the hill,

Careening, avoiding a spill.

to where the icy hill ends

A boy and his sled
become wintery friends.

My Toboggan and I Carve Winter

(Jane Wadley)

My toboggan and I carve winter.
We crunch over the powdery snow
the one by one glistening grains
they sigh and squeak

then RACE
faster and faster
whipping the wind apart
carving jet trails with swirling tails
circling the shadow of every tree
nearing full flight
a lurking bump tumbles us
into the drifts of freezing snow.
We trudge slowly skyward for another run.

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Skiing and Snowboarding

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Skiing is like a dance with the mountain.
You move with ease from side to side,
suspended by a magical thread somewhere
between heaven and earth.


(Marchette Chute)

I'm very good at skiing.
I have a kind of knack
For I can do it frontways
And also on my back.
And when I reach the bottom
I give a sudden flop
And dig myself in sideways,
And that's the way I stop.

Ski Lift

You ride up on the ski lift
To the mountain's snowy spire.
You sway high over chasms
On a sort of creaking wire.

You huddle on the narrow seat,
Secretly agreeing
That possibly the ski lift
Is scarier than skiing.

Songs about Skiing

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(Herbert Asquith)

When I try to skate,
My feet are so wary
They grit and they grate;
And when I watch Mary
Easily gliding
Like an ice-fairy;
Skimming and curving,
Out and in
With a turn of her head,
And a lift of her chin,
And a gleam in her eye
And a twirl and a spin;
Sailing under
The breathless hush
Of the willows, and back
To the frozen rush;
Out to the island
And round the edge,

Skirting the rim
Of the crackling sedge,
Swerving close
To the poplar root,
And round the lake
On a single foot,
With a three, and an eight,
And a loop and a ring;
Where Mary glides,
The lake will sing!
Out in the mist
I hear her now
Under the frost
Of the willow bough
Easily sailing
Light and fleet
With the song of the lake
Beneath her feet.

A Skater's Valentine

(Arthur Guiterman)

What if the air has a nipping tooth!
Our hearts beat high with the blood of youth,
And a crystal sheet, unmarred, awaits
The silver ring of our flashing skates.
The peaks are white; the sky is blue;
All that the landscape lacks is YOU!

The ice is clear; the winds are still;
So if you'll come, as I pray you will,
The frosted pines of the mountainside
Shall watch us swing and dart and glide
Over the lake with the moon above,
Your small hand warm in my big brown glove!


Figure eights, spins and swirls,
Gliding fun for boys and girls.
There is nothing quite so nice
As starting out with blades on ice.

My Mother Took Me Skating

(Jack Prelutsky)

My mother took me skating
and we glided on the ice,
I wasn't very good at it
and stumbled more than twice.

My mother made a figure eight,
and since it seemed like fun,
I tried a little trick myself
and made a figure one.

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Slam the puck,
Chase it fast,
Make a goal--
What a blast!


H onest
O bedient
C ourteous
K ind
E legant
Y eah Right!

Songs about Hockey

The problem with winter sports is that--follow me closely here--they generally take place in winter. (Dave Barry)

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