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Soccer ABCs

A - all-star, athlete, ability, AYSO, advantage rule, assist, APSL, attacking team, air-mail, ambitious ball, away, all ball
B - ball, believe in yourself, best, back, back tackle, ball carrier, breakaway, back of square, balance, blind side, ballside
C - coaches, crowds, champion, center, center circle, central defender, charge, chest trap, chip pass, chip shot, clear, cleats, consolation match, corner area, counterattack, creating space, cross pass, cut off
D - defense, dedication, determination, defenders, defensemen, defensive mid-fielder, deflection, draw, dribbling, drop ball, drop kick
E - excitement, energy, everyone plays, endline, earn your shirt, empty net, equipment
F - fans, field, forward, flag, foul, forward, fake, feint, far post, foot trap, forward pass, formation, free kick, front tackle, funnel, far and wide
G - goal, goalie, games, glory, gloves, goalkeeper, goal area, goalposts, goal line
H - home team, halfback, Hooray, halftime, hand ball, hat trick, hacking, header, help, hustle
I - I love soccer, incredible, ice pack, injury, in bounds, in play, indirect free kick, instep drive, intermission
J - juggling, jersey, jockeying
K - kick, keeper, kickoff, karaoke, killer pass, kick and run
L - losses, league, lead pass, linesmen, linkmen, loft, lob, leave it, long ball
M - memories, mud, mid-fielder, marking, match, midfield anchor, midfield line, MSL, move, mine, man on
N - noise, net, NASL, near post, MPSL, numbers up, numbers down
O - offense, overtime, opponents, offsides, offside position, on-side, open, out of bounds, out of play, outlet passes, obstruction, officials, overlap
P - parents, players, practice, Pele, passing, penalty, penalty area, penatly shot, playoff, points, push pass
Q - never quit, quick
R - running, referees, receiver, red card, regulation game, round, recovery, reverse the field
S - score, stadium, soccer ball, shin guard, socks, save, shielding, shooting, shot, shutout, side tackle, sideline, single elimination, sliding tackle, square pass, starter, steal, stopper, striker, sweeper
T - team, teamwork, tie, tired, tournament, trophy, tackling, territory, thigh trap, through pass, throw-in, tie-breaker, timekeeper, timeout, trailing, trap, turnover
U - uniform, unity, unforgettable, USSF, USYSA, upper V, unlucky, under the ball
V - victory, valiant, very___, volley, venue, vision
W- watching, winning, whistle, wall, wall pass, wings, wingers, World Cup
X - x-citement, x-hileration
Y - yelling, yard-line, yellow card
Z - zzz's(after a game), zest, zigzag, zone, zone defence

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Stupid Things Actually Said By Soccer Commentators

Soccer is More Than Just Winning At All Costs

(Mike Berticelli, a poem for soccer coaches)

You donate your time for the good of our youth.
But you scream and you yell and are often uncouth.

The ref is just twelve and still learning the game,
But you call him a jerk and say he's not sane.

The parents are screaming and follow your lead,
As you spring up the sideline at uncontrollable speed.

You jump as you yell--"Pass, pass the ball!"
You turn red as you bellow--"Ref, make the call!"

"You're the left back now, get in your position.
If you don't, we might lose and ruin our tradition!"

Positions are needed so we look like a team,
'Cause they're miniature pros, or so it does seem.

The fullback is bored, he picks at his nose,
While the others run wild and kick with their toes.

You scream for a goal, no matter how it goes in,
The skill doesn't matter, just as long as we win!

The parents go crazy as the ball nears the goal,
Their advice and instructions will soon take their toll.

You see, "Junior" feels pressure, he's not having much fun,
We tell him to pass, when to shoot, and to run.

He came here to play and to use his own mind,
'Cause soccer's the most creative game that you'll find.

Imagination is needed on the part of each child,
Solving problems on the field is what makes them go wild.

A week of long practice, while just standing in line,
Waiting to shoot, using one ball at a time.

This just doesn't cut it, and for some it's too late.
Make your practices fun, don't be the coach that they hate.

They come to "play" soccer, not to "work" at the game.
Their excitement is something we don't want to tame.

Maradona has moves that are beyond comprehension.
No coach taught those moves while threatening detention!

He learned from his friends, and tried copying others,
While playing games, without coaches and mothers.

Soccer is different, not like baseball at all,
We don't need positions, just give them the ball.

They first must learn skill, it's the meat of the game,
If they can't dribble or shoot, then who should we blame?

Skill must be learned through repeated trials.
If motivation is present you will see teams run miles.

"Fun games" are the answer to encourage repetition.
They laugh and they scream and enjoy competition.

Without the skill to dribble past an opponent at will,
Your players may win, but their growth will stand still.

I dream of the day when the parents just cheer,
And losing the game doesn't bring out a tear.

When practice is fun, not dull and so boring,
And playing the game means more than just scoring.

I know you mean well, and you donate your time,
But bury your ego, and try something sublime.

Call all the parents, and ask for their aid,
You're teaching their kids and not getting paid.

Your goal's to develop a youngster with skill,
Not a team that must win, or some fancy new drill!

You see players are not judged by their wins and their losses,
Instead they are judged by their shots, headers and crosses!

Scholarships are given to players with great names.
Not to those on youth teams who never lost games.

A pro player gets paid 'cause his skills are real fine,
Not because his team never lost when he was just nine.

It's time to bring soccer to new heights in this nation.
The future's in players, not a coaching citation!

Let's start to say "dribble," and stop yelling "Pass!"
You'll then see our players go to the head of the class.

I hope you're concerned, but not really offended,
It's the need for more skill that I have defended.

You're giving your all, from the good of your heart,
Why not make sure the kids get the right start?

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