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FYI--Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds. Dogs only have about ten.


(H. H. Munro)

Confront a child, a puppy and a kitten with sudden danger:
the child will turn instinctively for more assistance,
the puppy will grovel in abject submission,
the kitten will brace its tiny body for a frantic resistance.

Cat ABC's

(compiled by Donna in MB and Denny Davis)

A - acrobat, active, adorable, allergies, alley cat, amusing
B - bad luck - black cat, basket, beautiful, bed, beloved, bicolor, birds, blue, bobcat, bowl, brown tabby
C - calico, carnivor, carrier, cat nap, cataclism, catastrophe, catnip, captivating, champion, cheetah, classic tabby, claw, climbing, coat, collar, companion, cougar, cub, curious
D - declawing, desert cat, dilute calico, domestic house cat, domesticated??
E - Elizabethan collar, endearing, energetic, enigmatic)
F - fang, feline, feral, ferocious, fish, friend, fur balls, furry, fuzzy
G - German Rex, Golden Siamese; gentle, goofy, graceful, grooming
H - Havana Brown, Himalayan Rex, Honeybear; hairball, halter, hiding, house cat, humane society, hunter
I - independent, indoor, intent, interest
J - jaguar, judging, jumping, jungle, jellicle
K - kitten, kittening box
L - leap, leopard, lion, litter box, long hair, lovable, loving, lynx
M - mackerel tabby, markings, marmelade, meow, milk, mouser, mysterious)
N - nap, naughty, neuter, night vision, nine lives, NO!
O - ocelot, outdoor
P - panther, paws, pedigree, playful, polydactle, pounce, prey, pride, proud, prowl, puma, purring
Q - queen, quiet, quizzical
R - red tabby, regal, rubbing
S - scratching post, seal point, short hair, sixth sense, snarl, snow leopard, soft, Sphynx, stalking, striped
T - tabby, tail, territory, tiger, tortoiseshell, tom cat, toys, treats, tree climbing, twitch
U - unforgettable, unique, unsurpassed, unusual
V - vaccination, vain, varicolored, veterinarian, vixen
W - watch, whimsical, whirlwind, whiskers, window, worshiped in Egypt
X - eXplorer, eXtraordinary, eXtra special
Y - yowling
Z - zany, zzzzz

Famous Cat ABC List

(compiled by Donna in MB and Denny Davis)

A - Am - from Lady and the Tramp, Arlene, Artemis, Asparagus, Azrael (Smurfs)
B - Berlioz, Bill the Cat, Bombalurina, BooBoo Kitty, Burbank, Bustopher Jones, Bastet, Bast, Buttons
C - at, Cat in the Hat, Catbert, Chat d'Argent, Cheshire Cat, Claude, Cleo, Cliff, Coricopat, Cool Cat, Clarence
D - DC from That Darn Cat, Diana, Demeter, Desdemona, Dinah, Duchess, Diddle
E - Eek the Cat, Eponine, Elsa
F - Fat Louie from Princess Diaries, Felix, Fat Cat, Figaro
G - Garfield, Ginger, Grace, Greymalkin/Grimalkin, Grizabella
H - Heathcliff, Henrietta Pussycat, Hodge, Holly
I - Itty, Ivan, Isis
J - Jellyllorum, Jennyanydots, Jinx, Jemima, Josie
K - Kitty, Krazy Kat, Kimba
L - Luna, Lucifer, Lucky
M - Mehitabel, Mr. Jinx, Macavity, Madcat, Marie, Melody, Milo, Miss Kitty, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Mistoffelees, Morris, Mungojerrie, Molly, Mitsy, Mitzy, Mischief, Moggie, Mufasa, Moppet
N - Nala, Nermal, Neko, Numa from Tarzan
O - O. G. Readmore, Oliver, Old Deuteronomy, Otello
P - Pangur Ban, Pantalone, Percy, Patches, Puss in Boots, Pickles, Picky-Picky, Pixel, Plato, Polar Bear, Poucival, Puff, Punn-in-Boots, Pyewacket
Q - Queen Callista
R - Ra, Rum Rum Tugger, Rumpleteaser, Rumpel
S - Salem, Sassy, Schrodinger's Cat, Scratchy, Sgt. Tibbs, Si, Sillabub, Simpkin, Skimbleshanks, Sylvester, Snagglepuss, Snaggletooth, Slinky Malinky, Snowdrop, Stimpy, Smokey, Simba, Sher Khan, Scar, Sabor, Sheeta
T - Thomas O'Malley, Tao, Tabby Kitten, Tom, Tom Kitten, Top Cat, Toulouse, Tumblebrutus, Tigger, Tear Along - the dotted lion, tony Jad Bal Ja, Tybert
U - Unsinkable Sam was rescued from three ships sunk in WWII - Bismark, Cossack, Royal Ark
V - Vocal
W - Webster, William, Willow
X - ???
Y - Yellow Cat, YumYum
Z - Zainal

Cat Breed ABC List

(compiled by Denny Davis - this list includes mostly breeds that it would be easy to obtain a photo of at a cat show or on the internet. There's is a much longer list at MessyBeast)

A - Abyssinian , American Curl, American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Angora
B - Balinese, Bengal, Birman, Bohemian Rex, Bombay, British Angora, British Shorthair, Burmese
C - California Spangled, Chartreux, Colorpoint Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Cymric, Chantilly;
D - Devon Rex, Doll Face Persian, Domestic Long Hair, Domestic Short Hair
E - Egyptian Mau, Exotic Shorthair
F - Fishing Cat, Foreign White (solid white Siamese), Foreign shorthair
G - Geoffroy's Cat, German Rex
H - Havana, Highland Lynx, Himalayan
I - Indian Cat (Persian), Indian Rex (LaPerm), Indian Mau
J - Japanese Bobtail, Javanese
K - Kashmir, Korat
L - LaPerm, Longhair Rex
M - Maine Coon Cat, Malayan, Manx, Munchkin
N - Nepali, Niebelung, Norwegian Forest Cat
O - Ocicat, Ojos Azules, Oriental Longhair, Oriental Shorthair
P - Peke-faced Persian, Persian, Pixiebob
R - Ragamuffin, Ragdoll, Rex, Russian Blue
S - Scottish Fold, Siamese, Singapura, Snowshoe, Somali, Sphinx
T - Tiffany, Tonkinese, Tortoiseshell, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van
U - Ultra Type Persian
V - Van Kedi, Vienna Woods
W - White Ringtail (Turkish Van), Wirehair Rex
Y - Yankee Cat (Maine Coon), York Chocolate
Z - Zibeline (sable Burmese)


(Alex and Isaac--sons of Jean in TX)

An adorable, bad,
cute, delightful,
exquisite, funny,
gifted, happy,
intelligent, jolly,
kind, lovable,
mellow, nervous,
ordinary, purring,
quiet, round,
silly, tubby,
unsanitary, virtuous,
weird, xenophobic,
yowling, zippy kitten.

What Cats Know About Living the Good Life

Act nonchalant
Be comfortable
Control yourself
Fake what you don't know
Grab at passing opportunities
Have moments of wild abandon
Ignore the ignorant
Jog in your sleep
Knead people
Let it all hang out
Make friends with your neighbors
Nap often
Overstep boundaries
Play with your food
Quietly walk away from trouble
Return to your favorite places
See things others don't
Take your time
Understand human limitations
View things from more than one perspective
Wait at least sixty seconds before responding
X-pect only the best
Yawn and stretch at regular intervals
ZZZZZZZZZin the sunshine

Songs about Cats

Songs about Kittens

Human Food for Cats

Feline friendly food (in small amounts):
cooked salmon and tuna, cooked lean beef, cooked chicken and turkey without skin, cooked eggs, cheese (cheddar, Swiss, Gouda), oatmeal, whole wheat bread, canned pumpkin, cooked spinach and other green vegetables, peeled apples, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, peas (raw or cooked)
Do NOT give a cat: milk, chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, raw meat or fish, raw eggs, macadamia nuts, xylitol, sweets, alcohol, coffee, tea, energy drinks

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