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The Bottom Line

(Bobijean Cesnik-Neher, used with permission)

Records you've broken,
Innovations you've pioneered,
So what, you finished 'up front',
Charged to second from the rear.

That chassis you've designed
May be ahead by many a year,
But that's not the point of racin',
That's not why we're here.

There's no equal to the feelin'
When the final lap is done,
As having the checkered fall
When you're runnin' #1.

The Racer's Prayer

Lord, I pray as I race today,
Keep me safe along the way.
Not only me, but others too,
As they perform the jobs they do.

I know, God, that in a race,
I, the driver, must set the pace.
But in this race of life I pray,
Help me Lord, along the way.

Although I know I am a sinner,
Help me to believe that with God,
You're always a winner.

Victory in Heaven

(Tonya Rowland-Landewee, a sprint car driver in MO)

Heart pounding, breathing hard, stomach churning
As I put on my gear
Having already ran a mental race,
Climbing in, focusing on the dirt that lies ahead
I strap myself in and pray
Dear Lord, keep us ALL safe.

Lord, help me be the best driver
Or at least in the lead,
May I hold the best line
And have the fastest time.

In the darkest corners of my brain
I know the next turn could be my last.
If that is Your will, remind each driver and crew
We are blessed from above
To be able to do what we love.

Through God-given talent
Each driver feels a rush,
With God's guidance I will end the final lap
And the fans will cheer
A sounding trumpet to a champion's ear.

When my number is up, God
May my wings take my soul
to one final victory and I not brag
When I can carry the eternal checkered flag.

Sterling Marlin on Risk

Risk will always be there, there's no way to create a completely safe race car or make a race 100 percent safe. All you can do is make sure your car is in the best condition possible, and when you're on the track always use your head. After that I guess it just comes down to luck. I've been racing for over twenty years and I've had one pretty bad wreck, the one at Bristol. I guess if you race long enough the odds catch up to you, but hopefully I've got my wreck behind me. If not--well, I'll just have to deal with the situation when the time comes. It's just not something I think about. You can't race scared.

Ideas for Race Car pages

You're a True Race Fan if...

You Might Be a Race Car Driver If...

Flag Page Idea

Make a border using various colored racing flags. Write the meaning on matching papers scattered around the page along with photos illustrating the concepts. The meanings of flag colors is similar for all types of racing but there are variations among the different types of racing--and even from track to track. The same flag can mean different things if it is motionless or waving.

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Songs about Racing

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