This file includes rain, rainbows, clouds, thunder and lightning, floods and droughts, mud, and umbrellas. See also Spring, Weather, and Wind.


Rain Page Toppers

Rain Quotes

The Rain

Pitter-patter raindrops,
Falling from the sky.
Here is my umbrella
To keep me safe and dry.
When the rain is over
And the sun begins to glow,
Little flowers start to bud
And grow and grow and grow.

The Reason

(Dorothy Aldis)

Rabbits and squirrels
Are furry and fat,
And all of the chickens
Have feathers, and that
Is why when it's raining
They need not stay in
The way children do who have
Only their skin.

April Fool

(Eleanor Hammond)

Small April sobbed,
"I'm going to cry.
Please give me a cloud
To wipe my eye!"

Then, "April Fool."
She laughed instead;
And smiled a rainbow

I Like It When It's Mizzly

(Aileen Fisher)

I like it when it's mizzly
and just a little drizzly
so everything looks far away
and make-believe and frizzly.

I like it when it's foggy
and sounding very froggy.
I even like it when it rains
on streets and weepy windowpanes
and catkins in the poplar tree
and me.

Spring Rain

(Marchette Chute)

The storm came up so very quick
It couldn't have been quicker.
I should have brought my hat along;
I should have brought my slicker.

My hair is wet, my feet are wet,
I couldn't be much wetter.
I fell into a river once
But this is even better.

Song lists about rain and mist are at the bottom of the page.

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Umbrellas In Many Colors

Umbrellas help in many ways.
This black one is for rainy days.
In summer, when there's too much sun,
I carry this bright yellow one.
This umbrella pink and neat
Fits at the table where I eat.
This red one when I put it up
Looks like an upside-down big cup.

Umbrella Song

Put up your umbrella when the rain comes down.
Wear a happy smile and wipe away a frown.
Splash in all the puddles and do a little dance.
Rain is just the thing we need for watering the plants.

Umbrellas Go Up

Umbrellas go up
When the rain falls down,
When the rain falls down on me.
Umbrellas go up
When the weather's wet
To keep the rain off me!

Umbrellas go up
When the sun shines down
On a hot day by the sea.
Umbrellas go up
When the weather's hot
to keep the sun off me!

Songs about Umbrellas

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Floods and Droughts


Songs about Floods

Songs about Droughts

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Thunder and Lightning

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Songs about Thunder

Songs about Lightning


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Poem to Mud

(Zilpha Keatley Snyder)

Poem to mud-
Poem to ooze-
Patted in pies, or coating the shoes.
Poem to slooze-
Poem to crud-
Fed by a leak, or spread by a flood.
Wherever, whenever, whyever it goes,
Stirred by your finger or strained by your toes,
There's nothing sloppier, slipperier, floppier,
There's nothing slickier, stickier, thickier,
There's nothing quickier to make grown-ups sickier,
Trulier coolier,
Than wonderful mud.

Songs about Mud


Page Toppers


(Christina Rossetti)

White sheep, white sheep
On a blue hill,
When the wind stops
You all stand still,
You walk away slow.
White sheep, white sheep
Where do you go?

Songs about Clouds

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Rainbow Page Toppers

Rainbow Quotes

Page Idea

Put a rainbow sticker in upper corner of the page, tilted somewhat. Use design line stripes to continue the 'rainbow' along the top and side of the page. The colors don't match exactly, but that's OK, because you cover the seams with cloud stickers.

A Rainbow

(William Woodsworth)

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!

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Songs about Rainbows

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Songs about Rain

Songs about Mist

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