Page Toppers are also called 'Page Starters' or 'Page Titles'. They tie together a group of photos or add fun or meaning to a page.
Originally I had all the page toppers in this file but when the number passed 5,000 that made the file too big. Then I put links on this page to files that included page toppers but eventually that got too big as well.
I decided to include only general info about page toppers on this page. To find page toppers on a specific subject you can click 'home' at top left to go the the front page. There you can either browse the listed sections or use the search feature or the site index.

Page Starters

(based on an idea by Shawn G.)
There are times when we feel our pages all look the same.
Sometimes you just need to look at your pages in a different way. A caption or title could change the look and feeling of a page. Some people even get ideas for taking photos by looking at a list of page toppers.

When looking at a title use word association and think of words that remind you of other things. Let your imagination go and think about paper, stickers and die-cuts that go with the idea.
"In the Good Ol' Summertime" is good for a word association exercise. What do you think of when you think of summertime? Is it watermelon, hot sun, lemonade, baseball, BBQ, shady trees, vacation, and the beach? Use one of these words to brainstorm your way to a page layout.
Let's try "lemonade". Even if your photos do not have lemons or lemonade in them, you will still be getting the point across to the viewer of the scrapbook that, "In the good ol' summertime they used to drink lemonade, but this summer we . . . swam in the pool, played in the backyard, etc."

Other ideas for page toppers include movie, book or song titles like Wild Thing, you Make My Heart Sing. Not only is the title melodious, but it leaves you with a mental picture of . . . what? Someone in love? Hearts Singing? Staffs of music with love notes?

Some titles use puns or a play-on-words such as, "Just Plane Fun" or "A Moving Experience". By substituting a rhyming word, a homonym, or a synonym you can change a popular phrase or title to go with your photos and inspire a great page layout!
"Just Plane Fun" could be photos at an airport or air show, playing with toy or paper planes, or simply playing. The title is versatile enough to use in many situations. "A Moving Experience" could mean emotionally moving or physically moving.

Another idea is to choose page titles that go with some stickers you want to use. For example, "Beary Cute" from the Bears page with bear stickers, and "Un-bee-lievably Cute" from the Bees page with bee stickers.

Song title make great page toppers. There are many song lists on this website. Many are on the relevant subject pages. Others are listed at the bottom of the Section pages (accessed from the Home page).

Ideas for page toppers are everywhere. Try substituting a name, a place, etc. from your family in a book, movie or song title.

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