This file includes song lists about evening, midnight, and tonight.
Also see Night Song Titles, Sleeping and Waking, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Time, Sun, Moon and Stars, and Seasons.


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(Mary Ann Hoberman)

The night is coming softly, slowly;
Look, it's getting hard to see.
Through the windows,
Through the door,
On the floor,
Dragging shadows,
Soon it will be time for sleeping.
Pull down the shades.
Turn on the light.
Let's pretend it isn't night.

The Night Will Never Stay

(Eleanor Farjeon)

The night will never stay,
The night will still go by,
Though with a million stars
You pin it to the sky;
Though you bind it with the blowing wind
And buckle it with the moon,
The night will slip away
Like sorrow or a tune.

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