Once you know what you want to write in your scrapbooks you need the means. This file is about tools and techniques to accomplish that purpose--pens, ruled pages, calendar pages, etc.

Journaling Ideas

(Angie in OK)

Journaling Ideas

(The ideas in the above list are great. However for someone like me they just don't work! I am not good at things like lettering--no matter how much I practice. And if I had to spend time drawing pencil lines, measuring, spacing, erasing, etc. I would not write very much. So I decided to make another list of tips for people who are not so creative or don't have perfect handwriting. Denny)

Ideas for Using Calendar Pages

At the present time the calendar pages are limited edition. Hopefully that will change but even if it doesn't you can still use these ideas by drawing your own grid. You might want to keep one page for a pattern and trace new ones using a light box--you can also use this idea if you want the calendar higher or lower on the page than the pre-printed ones.
Not all of these ideas have to do with journaling but I wanted to keep all the calendar page ideas together.

Ideas for Using Ruled Pages

About Fonts

If you are looking for interesting or fancy fonts, go to One Scrappy Site. Not only are there hundreds of free fonts to download, but there are directions on how to download and install fonts, which fonts never to delete, printing in reverse, etc. There are also suggestions of which fonts and which paper colors to use for some specific years in your heritage albums.
A lot of people feel all journaling should be handwritten while others dislike their handwriting so much they won't do it at all. I am in the middle--I hand write most titles, captions and short items but print out the long items. I do keep a copy of what I write on the computer in case of a mishap like albums getting wet.

Another site that has a lot of interesting fonts is DaFont. They have fonts in the style of television show, movie and record album titles. Also they have dingbat fonts with many company logos.

Miscellaneous Tips

Use a regular lined template and put it OVER a die-cut frame to journal a shape. Sort of like purchasing a whole week's groceries worth of journaling templates from 'other' places . . . only WAY CHEAPER!

Have someone write a few minutes about one of their photos--the occasion, who the people are, what they are talking about, etc. Then give the photo to another person to write about. The difference between what a picture actually depicts and what it seems to depict can be tremendous. You will easily see the value of detailed journaling.

Title Idea

Cut a strip of light colored paper the size you need to write the title on. Use decorative scissors or the deckle cutter to cut the paper. Lay the strip on a piece of scrap paper. Put the straight edge of a ruler along the edge of the paper so that just a tiny strip shows along the edge. Using a coordinating color pen go along the ruler to color the edges of the paper. (For some scissors you will need to color a wider area to make it look right so you will need two strokes of the pen.)

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