This file is about truth, honesty, integrity, trust, dishonesty and lying.


Communication and Honesty

Lying to a partner is never right but sometimes it is understandable. Some people try to control their partner by becoming upset at things they disapprove of or don't like. The other person resorts to lying to avoid upsetting them.
True communication involves both a willingness to hear the truth and a willingness to tell the truth. If one person refuses to hear the truth the other person may stop telling it. People need to give each other the freedom to be honest.
It is fine to express your feelings about a partner's behavior and hope that they will change. It is quite another to use emotional blackmail to prevent them from doing things you don't like or approve of. Adults should be in charge of their own behavior.
Of course, if their actions are illegal or immoral that changes things--as long you don't try to apply you own moral values on them. Adults have a right to decide on their own moral values.
You do have a right to insist your partner not do anything illegal or that could potentially expose you to health or financial problems.
There is no 100 percent protection against STDs other than being only with one partner.
Money spent on activities your partner does not approve of should only be extra money after all household expenses are paid.
Marriage vows are a promise and each person should be expected to keep them.

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Dishonesty and Lies


The Biggest Lies

Setting an Example

It's about time someone spoke up for the much-maligned younger generation:

When Johnny was six, he was with his father when they were caught speeding. He saw his father hand the officer $20 with his driver's license. No ticket.

When Johnny was ten, be broke his glasses on the way to school. He heard his mother tell the man from the insurance company that they had been stolen and they collected $157.

When Johnny was fifteen, he made right guard on the high school football team. His coach taught him to block and, at the same time, grab the opposing end by the shirt so the official couldn't see it.

When he was sixteen, he took a summer job at a big market. His job was to put the overripe tomatoes in the bottom of the boxes and good ones on top.

When Johnny went to college, he was approached by an upperclassman who offered him the answers to an English exam for $10, "It's O.K. kid," he was told, "everybody does it." Johnny was caught and sent home in disgrace.

"How could you do this to your mother and me?" his father asked. "You never learned anything like this at home!"

If there's one thing the adult world can't stand, it's a kid that cheats.

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