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          ,            __ \/ __
      /\^/`\          /o \{}/ o\   If I had a flower for each time
     | \/   |         \   ()   /     I thought of you, my garden
     | |    |          `> /\ <`           would be full...
     \ \    /  @@@@    (o/\/\o)                        _ _
      '\\//'  @@()@@  _                     @@@@     _{ ' }_
        ||     @@@@ _(_)_   wWWWw .oOOo.   @@()@@   { `.!.` }
        ||     ,/  (_)@(_)  (___) OO()OO    @@@@  _ ',_/Y\_,'
        ||  ,\ | /)  (_)\     Y   'OOOO',,,(\|/ _(_)_ {_,_}
    |\  ||  |\\|// vVVVv`|/@@@@    _ \/{{}}}\| (_)@(_)  |  ,,,
    | | ||  | |;,,,(___) |@@()@@ _(_)_| ~Y~ wWWWw(_)\ (\| {{{}}
    | | || / / {{}}} Y  \| @@@@ (_)#(_) \|  (___)   |  \| /~Y~
     \ \||/ /\\|~Y~ \|/  | \ \/  /(_) |/ |/   Y    \|/  |//\|/
 jgs\ `\\//`,.\|/|//.|/\\|/\\|,\|/ //\|/\|.\\\| // \|\\ |/,\|/

Page Toppers

Friend Page Idea

Make the whole page look like a giant crossword puzzle. The one I saw was a grid of ten squares across and eleven squares down. It was drawn with a black pen. The black squares were cut from black paper. In case you want to duplicate the page here is where the black squares were (Row 1 #4; R 2 - #3,9; R3 - #3,10; R4 - #2, 10; R5 - # 3, 4, 5, 7; R6 - # 5, 8; R7 - #1, 9, 10; R8 - #2, 6; R9 - #3; R10 - #8 and R 11 - #5, 10) Polly G.
Starting on the 6th square of the first row the word "Friends" was written down. On the 4th row the word forever was written between the 2 black squares so that it intersected with the 'e' in the word "friends". Of course you could make up other titles. I assume you would put the photos of friends in the small white squares. If so I would probably make the squares a little bigger and have less squares each way. I can see it being used for the small wallet size photos exchanged by a lot of school students.

Certain People are a Joy to Know

People who know
how to brighten a day
with heartwarming smiles
and with kind words they say,

People who know
how to always come through
When there's anything
they can possibly do,

People who know
how to willingly share,
Who know how to give
And who know how to care,

Who know how to let
all their warm feelings show
Are people that others
feel lucky to know.

Friendship Album Idea: Put two lines of this poem across the top of two pages in a sentiments album. Make double page spreads of people you know that fit that part of the poem.

Circle of Friends

(for the title page of an album about a group of mutual friends)

Friends, you and me
You brought another friend
And then there were three.
We started our group
Our circle of friends
There is no beginning or end.

You are Loved

(for the title page of a friendship album)

You are so kind.
You are so special.
You are so funny.
You are so thoughtful.
You are so sincere.
You are so generous.
You are so loved.

by ME

Friendship ABC's

I decided not to make a specific list of ABC's for Friendship because each friendship is unique. If you want to make an ABC Album for a friend I suggest you start by looking at the poems and ideas below. Next check the page toppers, poems and quotes in the various Friendship files. Then check Miscellaneous ABC Lists for things your friend is interested in or that like to do together. The "Descriptive" list would also be helpful.

If I were making an ABC album for a friend I would put the poems below on the title page--adapting as appropriate. Then at the top of each page I would put a quote starting with that letter. I would make a word list using the resources mentioned above--being sure to include names and places. I would use photos that illustrated the words. If I didn't have many photos I would include memorabilia and poems or journal the reason I selected a particular word. You could also add pictures of yourself, places you both like to go or other mutual friends.

ABC's of Friendship

A Friend . . .
A ccepts you as you are
B elieves in "you"
C alls you just to say "HI"
D oesn't give up on you
E nvisions the whole of you
(even the unfinished parts)
F orgives your mistakes
G ives unconditionally
H elps you
I nvites you over
J ust because
K eeps you close at heart
L oves you for who you are
M akes a difference in your life
N ever Judges
O ffers support
P icks you up
Q uiets your fears
R aises your spirits
S ays nice things about you
T ells you the truths when you need to hear
U nderstands you
V alues you
W alks beside you
X xoxoxoxxxoooxxoxo
Y ells when you won't listen and
Z aps you back to reality

(another version)

ABC's of Friendship

A friend . . .
A ccepts you as you are
B elieves in you
C alls you just to say hi
D oesn't give up on you
E ncourages your dreams
F orgives your mistakes
G ives you support
H elps you be a better person
I nvigorates you
J ust likes to be with you
K eeps you close at heart
L oves you unconditionally
M akes a difference in your life
N ever judges you
O ffers to help out
P icks you up when you're down
Q uiets your fears
R aises your spirits
S ays nice things about you
T ells you the truth
U nderstands the real you
V alues your special qualities
W alks beside you
X -plains things you don't understand
Y ells your praises to the world
Z ests up your life

ABC's of Being a Best Friend

Deebee wrote an ABC poem for her best friend based on words and phrases that only had meaning to them. If you aren't poetic you can still make a list similar to those above, or use one of those lists and substitute your own words for some of the letters. If your best friend is a scrapbooker you could put the list on a scrapbook page along with photos of the two of you.

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