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Acronyms and Smilies for Email and Message Boards

Acronyms save time on message boards and in email. Many acronyms are specific to one subject. For example on a scrapbook board NSBR means not scrapbook related. You can find more acronyms at Acronyms, Emoticons & Smilies.

*G* = grin
*H* = hug
*K* = kiss
*S* = smile
*W* = wink
?4U = question for you
=w= = whatever
4COL = for crying out loud
4EVR = forever
4U = for you

AAMOF = as a matter of fact
ADN = any day now
AFAIC = as far as I'm concerned
AFAIK = as far as I know
AFK = away from keyboard
AIUI = as I understand it
AKA = also known as
ASAP = as soon as possible
AYOR = at your own risk
AYPI? = and your point is?

B/C = because
B4 = before
B4N = bye for now
BF boyfriend or best friend
BFF = best friend forever
BAK = back at keyboard
BBL = be back later
BBS = be back soon
BC = be cool
BCNU = be seeing you
BFN = bye for now
BG = big grin
BITMT = but in the meantime
BRB = be right back
BST = but seriously though
BTA = but then again
BTAIM = be that as it may
BT/DT = been there, done that
BTW = by the way
BYKT = but you knew that

CDIWY = couldn't do it without you
CFV = call for vote
CLM = career limiting move
CMIIW = correct me if I'm wrong
CSG = chuckle, snicker, grin
CTS = changing the subject
CU = see you (good bye)
CU2 = see you, too
CUL = see you later
CUL8R = see you later

DH = dear husband (or darn husband!)
DIIK = darned if I know
DIY = do it yourself
DMI = don't mention it
DQMOT = don't quote me on this
DWAI = don't worry about it
DYJHIW = don't you just hate it when . . .
DYK = did you know

EAK = eating at keyboard
EG = evil grin
EIE = enough is enough
EMFJI = excuse me for jumping in
EOD = end of discussion
EOL = end of lecture

F2F = face to face
FT2T = from time to time
FAQ = frequently asked questions
FBTW = fine, be that way
FITB = fill in the blank
FOAF = friend of a friend
FOC = free of charge
FOCL = falling off chair laughing
FTASB = faster than a speeding bullet
FTF = face to face
FTTT = from time to time
FUBAR = fouled up beyond all recognition
FUD = fear, uncertainty and doubt
FWIW = for what it's worth
FYEO = for your eyes only
FYI = for your information

G = grin
G2B = going to bed
G2G = got to go
G2GGS2D = got to go get something to drink
G4U = good for you
GAFIA = get away from it all
GAL = get a life
GALGAL = give a little get a little
GBH = great big hug
GD&R = grinning, ducking running
GF = girlfriend
GFU = good for you
GGN = gotta go now
GI/GO = garbage in, garbage out
GL = good luck
GMAB = give me a break
GMTA = great minds think alike
GN = good night
GR8 = great
GTG = got to go

HAG1 = have a good one
HAK = hug and kiss
HB = hurry back
HF = have fun
HH = holding hands
HHJK = ha ha, just kidding
HHOJ = ha ha only joking
HIWTH = hate it when that happens
HMWK = homework
HOAS = hold on a second
HSIK = how should I know
HTH = hope this helps
HTHBE = hope this has been enlightening
HYLAS = hate you like a sister

IAE = in any event
IC = I see
ICBW = I could be wrong
ICOCBW = I could, of course, be wrong
IDGI = I don't get it
IDI = I doubt it
IDK = I don't know
IDTT = I'll drink to that
IGTP = I get the point
IIRC = if I recall correctly
IJWTK = I just want to know
ISWTS = I just want to say
IKWUM = I know what you mean
ILY = I love you
IMCO = in my considered opinion
IME = in my experience
IMHO = in my humble opinion
INMSHO = in my not-so-humble opinion
INPO = in no particular order
IOW = in other words
ISTM = it seems to me
ISTR = I seem to recall
ISWYM = I see what you mean
ITFA = in the final analysis
ITRW = in the real world
IWBNI = it would be nice if
IYKWIM = if you know what I mean

JAM = just a minute
JAS = just a second
JIC = just in case
J/K = just kidding
JM2C = just my 2 cents
JMHO = just my humble opinion
JMO = just my opinion

K = okay
KBD = keyboard
KHYF = know how you feel
KISS = keep it simple stupid
KUTGW = keep up the good work
KWIM? = know what I mean?

L8R = later
L8RG8R = later gator
LGR = little girls room
LMA = leave me alone
LMK = let me know
LOL = laughing out loud
LTR = long term relationship
LY = love ya
LYL = love ya lots
LYLAS = love you like a sister

MOTOS = member of the opposite sex
MTBF = mean time between failure

N/C = not cool
N/M = nothing much
N2M = not too much
NE1 = anyone
NL = not likely
NOYB = none of your business
NP = no problem
NRN = no reply necessary
NTK = nice to know
NVM = never mind

OBTW = oh, by the way
OIC = oh, I see!
OMG = oh my God
ONNTA = oh no, not this again
OT = off topic
OTOH = on the other hand
OTOOH = on the other other hand

PLZ = please
PMJI = pardon my jumping in
POOF = I'm outta here
PPL = people

Q4U = question for you
QL = quit laughing!

RFC = request for comments
RFI = request for information
RL = real life
ROFL = rolling on floor laughing
ROFLOL = rolling on floor laughing out loud

SCNR = sorry couldn't resist
SH = same here
SO = significant other
SOHF = sense of humor failure
SRY = sorry
SYS = see you soon

TFDS = that's for darn sure
THX = thanks
TIA = thanks in advance
TNC = tongue in cheek
TNX = thanks
TPTB = the powers that be
TTFN = ta ta for now
TTT = thought that too
TTUL = talk to you later
TTYL = talk to you later
TU = thank you
TWIMC = to whom it may concern
TY = thank you
TYVM = thank you very much

U = you
Y2? = you too?
YW = you're welcome

VBG = very big grin

W/ with
W/B = write back
W/0 = without
W2G = way to go
W8 = wait
W8AM = wait a minute
WAD = without a doubt
WFM = works for me
WTG = way to go
WTMI = way too much information
WU = what's up
WYWH = wish you were here

XM = excuse me

Y = why
YMMD = you made my day
YMMV = your mileage may vary
YVW = you're very welcome
YW = you're welcome

ZZZ = sleeping, bored,tired

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Emoticons (Smilies)

Smilies are fun, plus they serve an important purpose. People can't see your expression when you "talk" online and smilies help prevent misunderstandings. For example ;-) at the end of a sentence lets someone know you are joking.


  :)       happy
  :-)      happy
  :)       lazy person's smilie
  :-))     very happy
  :-):-)   laughing loudly
  :'-)     crying in happiness
  :D       laughing
  :-D      laughing
  ;-)      winking
  ;-)=)    big toothy grin
  *-<|:o)  in a party mood!
  (-:      left-handed smiley
  ^5       high five
  {{ }}    hug (put person's name or initials in the brackets)
  8-]      in love


  : (     sad
  :-(     sad or frowning
  :-((    really sad
  :-[     pouting
  :-c     bummed
  =:-O    scared
  :-@     screaming or swearing
  :-( )   shouting very loud
  :-(0)   yelling
  :-V     shouting
  ~ :-(   steaming mad
  > :-(   mad
  >:-<    angry
  }:-(    bull-headed
  :-o     shocked


  &:-)    bad hair day
  (:-)    bald
  S:-)    wavy hair
  :-)    curly hair
  {(:-)   toupee
  (|:-)   helmet
  ~</:-)  party hat
  [:-)    walkman
  :-{     moustache
  :-{>    mustache and beard
  :-})    RAF moustache


  %-(      broken glasses
  8-)      glasses or sunglasses
  8:-)     glasses pushed up on forehead
  B:-)     sunglasses on head
  ::-)     bifocals
  .-)      keeping an eye out
  `:-)     raised eyebrow


  :-#      has braces
  :-{#}    has braces
  :-*      blowing a kiss
  :x       kiss
  :-{}     blowing a kiss
  :-)~     tongue sticking out
  :-&      tongue-tied
  :-      tongue twister
  :-p      talking, talking, talking
  :-v      talking
  :\/      talking a lot
  :-()     talking
  :-8      talking out of both sides of their mouth
  :-9      licking lips
  :-&      eating spaghetti
  :-X      I promise not to tell
  :-x      sworn to secrecy
  <:-)     asking a dumb question
  :-o      yawning
  :-ozzz   bored

Upright Smilies

  (-.-)      tired
  *.*        in love (stars in their eyes)
  (.. )( ..) looking around
  {(-_-)}    wearing headphones
  @|@        staring at the monitor too long
  ~O-O~      glasses or sunglasses


  0:)     angel
  0:-)    angel
  q:-#    baseball catcher
  d:-)    baseball player
  *:o)    clown
  <):o)   cowboy
  +:-)    doctor
  C:-)    Einstein
  Q:-)    graduate
  <]:-)   happy witch
  o(:-)   miner
  [:|]    robot
  (:)-)   scuba diver
  }(:-(   Viking


  })i({     butterfly
  >^..^<    cat
  =<">=     crab
  }-(((*>   fish
  :]~~~~~~* frog catching a fly
  @(*o*)@   koala
  <:3)~~~~  mouse
  /(^.^)\   puppy
  _@/       snail
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