These ideas were created for Creative Memories products but some of them can be adapted to other types of businesses. This file has poems for newsletters, ABCs of Scrapbooking, wish list poems, specialty kits, handout organization, die-cut display, flannel squares, fund raisers, etc. Also see the Consultant Section.

The ABC's of Scrapbooking

Remember to add new products.

More Ideas for CM ABC pages

(from an idea by Countrymama)

Some of the pages have words around the edges using the borderlines as guides. I used combinations of words, papers, and pens with the borderlines. On the A page I used the wavy borderline and wrote with blue pen, with a gold dot between each phrase. Then I added the album tote picture, and some ants stickers. I wrote the caption "acid free" with an explanation.
The B page has more pictures and fewer words. Buffered is explained briefly. I have pictures of the Big Book and the Baby Book (left side boy page, right side girl page) Some things I let stand on their own, like Big Book only has the name and the size written under it.
I wrote with a fine pen, except for the words that went with the particular letter. Those I wrote with the broad tip pen. So the "D" page has DEDICATED scrappers DECORATE with DANCING DINOSAURS and DIE-CUTS.
For the Q page you could write "Quality? Of course!" (with notes about the quality of CM products) Or you could do "frequently asked questions". Facing this page, I used the diamond shaped template and two coordinating colors of paper. I made a star like you would for quilting. I took two other diamonds and wrote Quilt Pages on them.
My L page had the "L" die-cut in the middle. I used copper stars for "bullets" and wrote in broad tip pen around the "L", things like LINES AND DESIGNS TEMPLATE- then with fine tip pen. LIGNIN FREE- your pages stay beautifully white!

Customize this as you want. I used Corner Rounder for C, but you could use it under T for Tools, R for Rounder, or S for Speed Tools. I used the catalogs, order form, recruiting brochure and coordinator handbook for ideas. I used pictures from the catalog along with die-cuts and sticker letters. I used photos of my family. I mostly used products or pictures of people at home classes. Some layouts were one page, some two-page. You can add stickers to fill empty spaces - like airplane on the "A" page, bow on the "B" page, etc.

My goal was to get people to look at CM - whether they were interested in the career or not. I used a LOT of information about the product line but also mentioned the career op. There are a lot of ways to do it.

Sample Pages for Demo Album

Do pages in a sample album that you don't have in your family albums. I have daughters and granddaughters so I did some pages on baby boys and sports using photos of nephews.
Also if your personal albums contain mostly fancy pages do some simple pages in your demo album (and vice versa). (Denny)


(Jean in TX)

All about you!
Touch a life.
Escape to the past!

Memories are
Riots of laughter
Illustrations of
Excitement and

Those Memories!

(Denise M. CMC)

Those memories. Those memories.
Where should I put those memories?
I could keep them here and there.
I could keep them anywhere.

I could slide them on the floor,
Under beds, behind closet doors.
Surely they'd be safe, I say.
We could pull them out one day.
Then we'd show them to our friends
And quickly slide them back again.

I could keep them here and there.
I could keep them anywhere.

Why, I could pile them on a shelf.
They could sit there by themselves.
Once a year we'd pull them down,
Look at them and dust around.
Try to clean them up a bit,
Then back up high they'd go and sit.

I could keep them here and there.
I could keep them anywhere.

Maybe a drawer is better yet.
I could toss them in, I bet.
They will multiply, I know,
And surely mix up, to and fro'.
I will have to shuffle through
To see the ones I wanted to.

Those memories. Those Memories.
Where should I put those memories?

I pondered this, I pondered more.
And then my friend came to my door!
An album she held in her hand.
An album simple, yet so grand.
Inside were pictures and much more.
What an ideal way to store!

I will keep them here, I say.
Then they will not fade away.
Creative Memories showed me how
To get this started here and now.

My memories are safe, I know.
And ready when I want to show.
They're organized and I can say
They are going to stay that way.
When friends drop by, and family, too
They will love this thing I do!

Those memories. Those memories.
Try to keep your memories.
In CM albums, keep them, do
And they will be here after you.

Reasons to make scrapbooks and photo albums:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Shopping for Valentine's Day
can be easy for you . . .

Your sweetheart is anxious.
She's eager to know
What's in that box
tied up with a bow?

A place for photos- I'm sure you have some
The perfect way for memories to keep.
When she sees her new album
Big Rewards you will reap!

I'll do your shopping
and deliver as well.
She loves Creative Memories
as I'm sure you can tell!

Below is a list of what it will cost.
Along with some dates - don't let this get lost!
I'm ready to help you so please don't delay
Be her Prince Charming on Valentine's Day!!!

(List five products your customers may want with price including tax)
I will gift wrap and deliver to your Sweetheart as instructed. Just give
me a call at the number below.

Phone Number
Last day to order (very important!)

Christmas Poem

(E in ID)

It's that time of year,
to run to the mall.
Do you know what to get her?
No? Not at all?

Well, maybe you've noticed
or maybe you haven't,
that this woman really
has a scrapbooking habit.

How do I know this?
Can't believe you don't know it.
I am, without a doubt,
her Creative Memories Consultant.

Now, because of this fact,
I know just what she'd like
Under that tree
With the twinkling lights.

Enclosed is her wish list,
Full of tools and supplies.
Just what she asked for.
Won't she be surprised!!

Santa Wish List Letter

(This is the cover letter. I added clip art of a Christmas tree with gifts in the upper left.)
Christmas is coming! And what better gift to ask for than scrapbooking supplies! Wouldn't you like to open a Memory Mate Bag on Christmas morning? Or one of the new Album Totes? How about asking Santa for that Circle Cutter you've been wanting?
I've made it easy for your "Santa" to shop! Enclosed is a Creative Memories Wish List! Just check off the items you would like to receive and leave it where your "Santa" can find it! I'll do the rest!
Speaking of lists, is there someone on your shopping list who would like to learn about scrapping?
Introduce them to Creative Memories with one of our kits or a gift certificate to a Beginner's Workshop! Call me for details. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and many photo taking opportunities!

Now here is the "Santa" list. I purchased "Santa" paper with matching envelopes. Most of my customers left it in places for the husbands to find. Tell them not to limit it to husbands, other family members may need gift ideas also!

Dear Santa,
I've been working really hard this year to preserve our family memories and history. Below I've marked some supplies that I would love to open on Christmas morning. My Creative Memories Consultant, (name), has made it really easy on you. Just give her a call and she'll do the rest!

I made a two-column list of items with the price and a blank for them to check. I didn't list everything we have. Mostly just the bigger items like MM Bag, Album tote, Circle Cutter, Trimmer, Idea Book, sticker packs, refills, protectors and pens. For the albums list all the colors available so the person can circle the one they want. I also listed a Gift Certificate and a deadline for ordering. I had people call after the deadline and was able to fill most of their orders with what I had in stock. I also offered gift-wrapping, which every single person took me up on. I also ordered album boxes to wrap the album in. Don't forget to put your name and number on there!

Alternate Uses for Lower-Cost Albums

Some people want to use better quality album but don't know what to do with the ones they already have. Here are ideas for the low-cost albums if you switch to better quality for your family albums.

Why We Do This

When you spend an entire evening making telephone calls and inviting customers to an upcoming workshop, and end the night with two "maybe"s and lots of excuses, and you ask yourself
"Why do I do this?" . . .

When you drive your husband and children absolutely crazy in a house cleaning frenzy to prepare for a class, send them to Chuck E. Cheese for the evening and threaten them with death if they return early, then wait anxiously for your 8 scheduled students to arrive, only to have two actually show, and you ask yourself
"Why do I do this?" . . .

When you're driving home in the snow at 11:15 p.m. from a blue pencil class where the coordinator handed out her ten pairs of Fiskars scissors and told everyone that most of the stuff you were selling was available at the craft stores (and then had the nerve to act offended when you didn't give her an album discount for a class of 3), and you ask yourself
"Why do I do this?" . . .

When you realize that every single person in your Level I class has already been introduced to Creative Memories, and they tell you that they don't like their original consultant, but want YOU to tell her, and you ask yourself
"Why do I do this?" . . .

. . . Let me give you a few things to remember.

When you receive a note in the mail from an appreciative student, telling you how much she enjoyed her class and that her family loved the page she completed, you'll say to yourself
"This is why we do this."

When you spend an evening laughing and talking with a group of customers and feel their appreciation for your ideas and assistance, you'll say to yourself
"This is why we do this."

When you receive that first commission check in the mail, and you treat the whole family to Happy Meals, you'll say to yourself
"This is NOT why we do this . . . but it's getting better."

When you have your first $1,000 class, and leave with four new classes on the schedule and two potential recruits, you say to yourself
"This is why we do this."

When you stay up half the night with fellow consultants at a convention, laughing over your experiences and sharing details of your family life that would make your husband blush, and come home feeling refreshed and excited about your business, you'll say to yourself
"This is why we do this."

When you receive a commission check large enough to treat the whole family to Happy Meals AND refurnish the living room, you'll say to yourself
"This is why we do this."

When you spend a quiet evening at home with your children, looking at your own photo albums and laughing your way through the memories, you'll say to yourself
"This is why we do this."

When a customer pulls you aside and, with tears in her eyes, tells you how her elderly mother reacted to receiving the carefully prepared album of her childhood pictures, you'll say to yourself,
"This is why we do this."

But most of all . . .
When you think of the hundreds of photos, the thousands of memories, the hugs and the laughter, the births and the weddings, the vacations and the first days of school, the ugly years and the blossoming beauties, the old boyfriends and the new hair styles, and the countless moments in time that have been lovingly preserved for the future because YOU cared enough to take the time to share, you'll know
This is why we do this.

Done is Better Than Perfect--Except to a Perfectionist!

(Denny Davis)

I told people in my classes that their album should reflect them. If they prefer a plain style in clothes, decor, etc., then their albums will probably be plain, too. If they like bright colors, busy fabrics, and lots of knickknacks then their album will probably reflect that. I talked about their lifestyle and why they want to create an album. If they just want the photos safe and organized I work with them on quick and simple pages. If they enjoy the process and have time I help them be as elaborate as they like. One of my customers wanted her albums to look like "real storybooks" - and they do. I have a few "fast and simple" scrapbookers, several "slow and elaborate" scrapbookers, and a lot who are in between.
I have my own style that I call "slow and simple". I do a lot of journaling. My pages do not have much decoration, but I am a perfectionist so everything has to be just like I want it or I am not happy with the page. A few times I have hurried (with the "done is better than perfect" refrain ringing in my ears) but I ended up going back and re-doing those pages and spending more time in the long run.
I think our job is to help each customer find their own style.

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Sales Package Ideas

Pre-made packages are especially good for people buying gifts. You might add a few "extras" - like a free crop coupon and some discontinued products. You could also offer free gift wrapping. On wish lists ask them to specify an album color. Here are some examples:

Holiday Album
Holiday Pages
Page Protectors
Christmas Sticker Pack
Christmas Die-Cuts
Printed Holiday Paper

12 x 12 Album
Neutral Paper
Heritage Stickers
Black ABC and Stickers
Family Tree Album Page
Photo Mounting Corners
Photo Labeling Pencil
Black Pen

Colored Pen Set
Decorative Sticker Pack
Colored Paper
Circles and Ovals Templates
Die-Cut Pack
Photo Splits
Photo Labeling Pencil

Circle Cutter
Personal Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Decorative Scissors

Newly introduced products

Page Refills
Contemporary Paper
Page Protector
Tape Runner Refill
Photo Splits

Handout Organization

Note: I used this method years ago when I was a consultant (when I didn't have a scanner and had to make copies at the store). It worked very well but today I would scan the ideas into folders as I got them and print as needed. I would still make the index and keep copies of the most popular ideas on hand.

With this method you can find multiple handouts on any subject in about thirty seconds.
Use hanging files with subjects such as: ABC Stickers, Album Types, Children, etc.
Within the hanging files use regular folders for sub-categories (such as "Camping" and "Cruises" in the vacation folder). It is easier to make sub-folders at the start, even if you only have a few handouts.
On the back of the master copy of each handout put an abbreviation for the category (Vac for Vacation; CH for Children, etc.) and a number (in the order that you get the handouts in that category). Also put MC (for master copy). It helps to put a yellow mark on the front so you won't accidentally give it away (yellow doesn't show up on copies).
Make an index in Excel (or your preferred program). The index is very helpful because many handouts fit several categories. For example, with a Christmas idea that uses gingham paper it is easy to make two copies and file one under Paper, gingham and the other under Christmas. But what if the page also include die-cuts and photos cut with the circle cutter. In that case it is easier to file the handout under "Christmas" and cross-reference the other things in the index. Most of the time you can find things just using the file folders - Christmas, birthdays, etc. However if need ideas for a certain tool or product the index is invaluable.
Before filing a master copy make at least one copy to have on hand.
You could keep a copy of the most popular handouts in a binder for people to use at workshops.

Paper Colors

Cut a circle of each color of paper, punch a hole in it and put it on a ring. Write the color name on each circle and the pack name on one circle. Laminating the circles makes them last longer.

Die-Cut Display Board

Denny Davis

My die-cut sales went up a lot after I made this display. Not only did people use the ideas on the display but they started coming up with ideas of their own.

No company can make die-cuts for every situation so you need to show people how you can use them in various ways.

On the display board I showed each die-cut used in several ways, (including the stencil part). In some cases I embellished with stickers or pens. The Die-Cut file will give you ideas to get started.

Poem to go with shelf liner

(Donna in MB)

Here's a little scrapping gift
To stop your cutting system drift
We think that there's nothing finer
Than this nifty rubber shelf liner
Place it under your CCS mat
And stop it slipping just like that.

Note: CCS is the circle cutter system

Flannel Squares

My customers receive one when they buy an album and they love them. They are easy to clean, just throw them in the wash with your regular laundry (without fabric softener) and they don't need to be washed after every use.
I purchased a couple of yards each of pink and blue flannel. The size was determined by how many full squares could I cut across the width of fabric. They are about six inches square. This was not precision work, the edges are straight but some squares are 1/2" bigger than others. I laid the fabric back-to-back and cut 6" strips. I pinned them together and serged the edges. I then measured and marked this strip every 6". I didn't cut the squares apart, I let my serger cut and finish all in one step. If you don't have a serger you will need to cut the squares with a pinking shears or zig- zag them together. I made over fifty squares in less than an hour at less than fifteen cents each.

Purchase thick, pure cotton flannel cloth, wash it with NO fabric softener, and then cut into squares with pinking sheers.

Cut the poem out with antique scissors, punch a hole in the corner and tie it to the middle of the flannel with a ribbon.

Flannel Square Poem #1:
I'm made this for you to carry
And keep with your supplies.
Use my pink side on your photos
To keep fingerprints out of sight.

Then you can turn me over
And use the side that's blue,
To wipe off the Stabillo marks
When template tracing's through!

(by Renee M. UL)

Flannel Square Poem #2:
Here's a soft, warm fuzzy
from (your name) to you.
For wiping fingerprints from your photos,
And blue pencil residue, too.

Your friends and family will get
Warm fuzzies when they see,
How lovingly you've preserved
Your photos and memories.

With heartfelt thanks
(your name)

Candy Idea

Give each of your customers a little goodie-bag tied up with curling ribbon with candy inside. On the outside, attach a slip of paper that says:
As a Family Historian, you are a "life saver" for your family's priceless photographs. You won't be a "sucker" or be taken in by products that will ultimately harm your photos - you understand that we MUST preserve the past, enrich the present and inspire hope for the future. We salute your commit-"mint" to excellence! Turning those "mounds" of photos into creative albums is nothing to "snicker" about. Put forth the "extra" effort in your plan, which will result in lots of "hugs" and "kisses" from those you love most - your family!

Marketing the Combination Packs

Take one pack and make a couple of fancy pages - maybe similar to what is on the suggestion sheet from the pack. People react much better to an actual page than to a picture. Try to think of unlikely ways to use what is left from the pack. Do some brainstorming . . . maybe at a unit meeting. For example use a campfire sticker in the center of a page of former boyfriends with the title "Old Flames".

Then take another pack and make as many simple pages as you can with just the stuff in the pack. That will point out that the packs don't cost so much when figured per page. It is quick and easy and you can make really great looking coordinating pages.
Cut mats from colored or printed paper and cut white paper 1/4 inch smaller to stick in the center to represent photos. Using actual photos on display pages tend to distract people from looking at the design (in albums you want the photos to be the center of attention but not on display pages). Simple display pages can look bland with all the white area and adding the mats with white squares to represent photos gives people a better idea how the designs will look in their albums.

Band Fundraiser Idea

(by Jean Gifford )
Here's the kit contents that I came up with for selling to band members during my marching band fund raiser. I actually sold more of these than full album kits. This was tailored to our own band, so I used school colors and flag team colors for the paper and chose the stickers and die-cuts to go with specific events. This probably works best when you are intimately involved with the group you are trying to fund raise for.

Panther Band Decorative Kit contents:

I put everything in a 2-gallon zip-lock storage bag.

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