This file includes Time-Capsule Album, New Year ABC's, and Millennium Ideas. Also see Seasons and Time.

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Quotes and Facts

The New Year

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let it go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

I Am the New Year

I am the new year. I am an unspoiled page
in your book of time.

I am your next chance at the art of living.

I am your opportunity to practice what you
have learned about life during the last twelve months.

All that you sought and didn't find is hidden in me,
waiting for you to search it out with more determination.

All the good that you tried for and didn't achieve
is mine to grant when you have fewer conflicting desires.

All that you dreamed but didn't dare to do,
all that you hoped but did not will,
all the faith that you claimed but did not have . . .
these slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened
by the touch of a strong purpose.

I am your opportunity to renew your allegiance
to Him who said, "behold, I make all things new."

I am the new year.

Bring on the New Year

(Maryssa Manet)

Bring on the new year
Celebrations in the streets.
Bring on the new year
Make sure there's lots of treats.

Bring on the new year
A time to celebrate.
Memories old and wishes new
Hopeful, the world awaits.

New Era

The day dawns bright and clear
The new year is finally here.
The old one is past, it is now gone
Let's enjoy 2012--and on.

A New Year

Here's to the bright New Year
And a fond farewell to the old;
Here's to the things that are yet to come
And to the memories that we hold.

Page Ideas

New Year ABC's

(Compiled by Denny Davis)

A - after midnight, annual get-together, another year is gone, anticipation, Auld Lang Syne
B - baby New Year, balloons, bang (fireworks), bells, bills (rent, utilities, etc), books (personal favorites or top sellers), bubbles
C - calendar, cars, celebrating the New Year, celebrations (holidays, weddings, etc), century, champagne, Cheers!, church, clothing, confetti, controversies (local or national), costs (clothes, entertainment, etc), count down to midnight
D - dance, dates, A Day in the Life of (you or your family), decade, decorations, designated driver, Dick Clark, dreams for the future
E - elections, enjoyment, entertainment/entertainers, excitement
F - fads, family (births, marriages, deaths, etc), fashions, Father Time, favorite things, fireworks, friends, fun, future plans
G - games, goals for the future, good times, goodbye (to the old year), grocery receipts, guests
H - hair styles, Happy New Year, hats, having fun, headlines, here's to . . . . , hobbies, hopes, house (inside and out), hugs
I - IN (current trends), in with the new, interesting, invitation
J - January, job, jokes (private family jokes or popular humor), joyful
K - kids' favorite things, kiss, Kodak Moment
L - laughter, leisure activities, Let's Party!, Looking Back (things that were important to you in the last year), loud
M - memories, midnight, morning after, movies, music
N - New Years Eve, news stories of the year, noise, noisemakers, Notable Events, Notable People
O - out with the old, outstanding (awards or achievements)
P - painting the town, parades, party, pets, postage stamp, predictions (what you think will happen in the coming year), President, punch
Q - quite a . . . . (party, year, etc.), quotes
R - religion, remember, resolutions, ringing in the New Year, Rose Parade
S - school, smiles, sports, stores/shopping, summer recreation
T - technology, time capsule, Times Square, a toast to . . . . , transportation, trends, TV shows
U - unforgettable, unusual, unique
V - vacations, very . . . . , vision of the future
W - wars and conflicts, welcome, winners, winter, work
X - Xmas, xtra (things that don't fit elsewhere), XXX (kisses), eXuberant
Y - Year in Review, yesterday
Z - zest, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zippy, ZZZ's (tired from staying up late)

(Also use names of family, friends, pets, places, etc.)

Time Capsule Albums

Time Capsule Album

Also see Tribute Albums.

Create a 'time capsule' scrapbook to celebrate your journey into the new millennium (or any year). Record your lives in a scrapbook that will tell future generations what life was like and what their family was like 'way back then'.
Capture experiences of your lives, not just events. Your scrapbook will become treasure chests that gather memories to give as gifts to those you love.

What should go in the time capsule photo album?

How do I get started?

A Day in the Life Of

Wouldn't you love to know more about your great grandparents? What time they got up? How they did laundry? How long it took them to cook dinner? These facts are fascinating to us and will be to future generations too.
Record and photograph your family's life for a day or a week and create a piece of history that will give future generations a peek into your life as well as how life was in general.

Wake up

Photo of everyone in pajamas (just those that wear pajamas!)
Time you get up
What you eat for breakfast
Shower schedule
Out of the House
Time everyone leaves
Photo of everyone ready to go
How you get where you are going (car, train, bus, walk, bicycle etc.)
Where you go
Work, School, home office
Take pictures and record the events


What time
Heading Home
When everyone comes home (pictures will show if they're tired)
What needs to be done (chores, homework, cooking dinner)


What time
Who eats together (if it changes. Example-The family eats together four days a week)
What you eat

Evening Routine

Club and Organization meetings


What time
Bath routine
Reading, kisses, etc.

A to Z ideas for Time Capsule albums

A - automobiles, air conditioner, airplane, ATM's, animation, advertisements, actors and actresses, awards, AIDS, A Day in the Life, American Culture, America Online, abortion, assassinations (Kennedys, M. L. King, Reagan attempt, etc.)
B - bills, Barbie, Barney, Beanie Babies, bank statements, Bill Gates, birth control, books, boats, businesses
C - computer, currency, cell phones, communication, convenience, cloning, controversies, cartoon characters, celebrations, cars, costs, cyberspace, Creative Memories, CD's, Columbine High School, Clinton, clothing, churches, cars
D - Dr.'s breakthroughs, Diana (Princess), dentists, digital camera, diets, dining out, digital sound/Imaging, diapers, divorce, drugs, drunk driving, dances, dolls, Disney
E - entertainment/entertainers, electricity, email, extinction, Euro dollar, Elvis, El Nino, E-mail, Electronics, elections, education
F - fashions, furniture, family, fast food, friends, fads, Fax, foreign policy
G - gardening trends, gas stations, gene technology, grocery receipts, good times, Getting ready for Y2K, games (board and computer), gun control
H - houses (inside and out), hobbies, hair styles, home-based businesses, health care plans, HMO, headlines
I - Internet, indoor plumbing, ice cream, impeachment, instant messenger, ice box (refrigerator!), IN (as in what is "in style"), insurance, investments, inclusive language (Policeman --> police officer), (fireman --> fire fighter), (stewardess -- > flight attendant), etc.
J - job, justice, jokes
K - kitchen, kids' favorite things, Kennedy Tragedies, Kodak
L - leisure activities, Listerine, Life Magazine, lava lamp, litigation, laptop, Looking back (include things that are/ were important to you in the last Century), love
M - music, movies, mobile (phones), models, Miss America, Millennium Celebrations, Microsoft, money (ATMS, banks), Medicare, millennium, medical advances, machines
N - networking, news stories of the day (or year), Notable Events/ People, newest ideas, New Years Eve, NATO, national deficit
O - orbiting (Space travel), Oprah, organic, online shopping, ozone, orbit, Outstanding (awards or achievements), Olympic Medalists, offices
P - postage stamp, penicillin, Patriotism, pets, politics, Presidents, pop culture, predictions- (what you think life will be like at the next century mark!), Princess Diana, Pentiums, Politically Correct, presidential campaigns
Q - "quality time", quilts, quiz shows, Quotes, quality of life (contradictions and trade-offs)
R - restaurant, Rosa Parks, robots, races (cars, horses, Tour De France, etc.), role models, reading material, religion, religious right, right wing,
S - sports, space flight/exploration, stealth (bomber), space shuttle, summer recreation, school, social concerns, scrapbooking, Star Wars, sex offender, scanners, state of the union, Saddam Hussein, stock market, stores/shopping, synagogues, singers, software
T - transportation, TV shows, telemarketing, technology, trends, thongs, taxes, trucks, toys
U - umbrella policies, Unique- things that are unique about your family? Ultrasounds, units of measure (hopefully we will have caught up with the rest of the world by the end of the next millennium)
V - VCR, vaccines, Velcro, vacations, Vatican, viruses, violence in schools, video games, vision (what you think the next 100 years will bring)
W - World Wide Web, Wimbledon, Windows 95, Windows 98, winter storms, wedding trends, wars and conflicts, work, winners
X - x-ray and other diagnostic machines, generation X, xtra (anything that doesn't fit elsewhere)
Y - yard, Y2K!
Z - Zoo, zodiac

Millennium Ideas

I didn't plan to keep the turn-of-the-century ideas until I realized they could be used for any New Year, milestone birthday, heritage and tribute albums.
Also there may be other people, like me, who are not quite up-to-date with their albums. If I continue at my current speed I will be starting my turn-of-the-century album about three years from now ;-)

Millennium Page Toppers

The Millennium

(Marcia Myers )

As we step into the new millennium
Let us remember our past:
A time of successes and failures,
Hopes and dreams,
Journeys both near and far.
Let us also look ahead to our future.
Let us dream of new successes,
New Hopes,
And new journeys.
Our history begins today--
Let us preserve it and pass it on,
So all will know us as we are.

Turn of the Century Sentiments Album

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a scrapbook of what life was like at the turn of the last century. Wouldn't you like to leave a legacy of "Life at the Turn of the 21st Century"?
My City/Town: Photos of city landmarks, streets, churches, schools
My Neighborhood: Photos of park, homes, bank, grocery store
My Home: Photos of outside, kitchen, bathroom, home entertainment center, computer, car(s)
My Family: Photos of family members (to show hair styles and clothing)and pets
What things cost: Receipts from gas station, grocery store, housing prices, (from newspapers or flyers), medical bills, ticket stubs (movies, concerts, sporting events), postage stamps, hair cut, restaurants

Y2K Page Ideas

Black title blocks across top with alternating gold and silver sticker letters saying "A Magical Millennium." 'Hang' gold stars from the title blocks using a black pen to draw strings.
Use black page with silver or white New Year and 2000 stickers with confetti and streamers stickers down both side.
Put "Our Family's Millennium Resolutions" along top in sticker letters and have family members write their resolutions.
Use the medical related stickers on a Y2K Bug page and journal how everyone was afraid the little guy would make things 'sick'.
Do Y2K bug page topper using stickers: Use navy blue paper and computer, disc and mouse stickers, discs. Cut corner off computer with scalloped scissors, then place a bug sticker hovering over computer.
Do a calendar page of firsts: first sunset, first meal, first snowfall, etc.

Millennium Memories

(Jean in TX)

What can we say about January one?
It wasn't disastrous, it really was fun!
None of the problems which caused us alarm
Even came close to causing us harm.

So what can we do since we're not in the dark?
We'll make some great memories; we'll all leave our mark!
The stories we tell will be repeated for years
We'll uphold each other through laughter and tears.

For the next generation we'll write down the tale
Of spirit of kindness and love that won't fail.
Of grandmas and grandpas, cousins and dads,
Of sisters and mamas and wee little lads.

Together, with pages and bright colored pens
We'll write down our stories of family and friends.
With photo-safe albums it's terrific to know
Our memories will keep way past 2-1-0-0!


(another version of Jean's 'after' poem)

We didn't know what would happen on January One,
It might have been disastrous; it might not have been fun.
The lights may have gone out, the banks may have all closed
The heating shut off, and the pipes might have 'frozed'!

But it didn't happen, that moment of dark

And we made some great memories--we'll all leave our mark.
The stories we tell will be repeated for years
We'll uphold each other through laughter and tears.

For the next generation we'll write down the tale
Of spirit of kindness and love that won't fail.
Of grandma's and grandpas, cousins and dads,
Of sisters and mamas and wee little lads.

By writing on pages with bright colored pens
We'll write down our memories about the year end.
With photo-safe albums it's terrific to know
Our memories will keep way past 2-1-0-0!

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