This file has things pertaining to High School and College. Also see Class Reunions, Graduation, School Days, Teenagers, Knowledge and Learning, and this tribute to my graduating class GHS Class of 65.


Page Ideas for High School Seniors

(compiled by Martha L. CMC in VA)

High School ABC's

A - Academics; ACT (as in tests); awards, Art Festival; Annuals, alumni, assembly, action, anything goes, All-American; appreciation; anticipation; athletics, achievements
B - books, backpacks, brains, be smart, biology, bake sales; bells (as in 'late bell!' ); band; ball games; baseball; basketball; beauty review, best friends
C - college prep classes; computer lab; car wash; cheerleading; cheering on our team; cross country, cars and crusin'; college credits; calculator; calculus; choir; college applications; champions; championship; clothing; costumes; cartoons; community service; Christmas (dance, vacation, presents, program); cotillion, Cum laude, Commencement Exercises, class trip
D - drama; debate; Driver's Ed; diploma; Ditch Day; drill team; dances, DECA
E - education; earth science; enthusiastic; essays; entrance tests; English class; Easter break, extracurricular activities, exams
F - Fine Arts; Fine Art Festival; French class; field trips; fabulous friends; freshman; FFA; FBLA; FHA, FCCLA; FPS, fund raisers; football, family
G - grades, geography; golf; geometry; goin' out; gym; graduation; Grad Night, gown, glee club, German class, gifts
H - homeroom; honor roll; honor guard, home economics; history; hair styles; homework; holiday (Thanksgiving, President's Day, Memorial Day, etc.); hangin' out; high school; Homecoming
I - intelligent, improvement, interests; Internet
J - journalism; joking around; Junior, jazz band
K - kidding around; king (prom); keyboard, knowledge; kudos (grades, awards, etc.); kids (in action, etc.), keepsakes
L - laughter; last in line; late nights out; library; learn
M - math; MTV; music; mascot; movies; meet....; men/men's (sports, etc.), Magna cum laude, marching band, momemtos
N - new kids; no parents!; new clothes; nice; nervous; naughty; nosy, National Honor Society, nicknames; newspaper
O - Open House; oh no!; orchestra
P - pom poms; parents; Parents Breakfast; pet peeves; plays; portfolio; principal; policies; pool; prom; practice (band, sports, plays, activities), programs, perfect attendance, pep band
Q - queen (prom and sports), quotes, quiet time, quite a . . . .
R - report cards; regionals; rules; riding around, relaxing
S - school; speech; Student of the Week; student; super (teachers, students); Senior Breakfast; School's Out (for holiday, summer); school pride; Senior (class, pictures, trip, etc.); sophomore; SAT's; science; State (as on to State sports); superintendent; Spanish; School Secretary; Student Council; spring break; study; scholarship; softball; soccer; Spring Break; sports; Sweetheart Dance, Summa cum laude, salutatorian, science, slang
T - team spirit; team; talent show; teachers; Teacher Appreciation Week; T-shirts; Thanksgiving, tennis, tassel
U - under; upper; University
V - Valentine's; vacation (Christmas, Easter, etc.); vocabulary, volleyball, volunteering, Valdictorian, victory
W - win; wrestling; Webster's Dictionary; "Who's Who"; women/women's(sports, etc.)
X - X-tra [anything]: "X-tra, X-tra, read all about it"; X-ellent;X-rated
Y - yearbook; young; young at heart
Z - 'Z end'; zzzz's (sleeping)

Other things for inspiration:
A-F grades; Around the school (school name; landmarks, buildings, trees); Popular music (titles, words);
Movies (Academy Awards, etc.); Reference books (dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus); Class officers;
Around the city; Teachers (names, classes); Mascot; School song; Yearbook (previous years--and yours!);
Nicknames (teachers, students); Weather; Sports (teams, games, equipment); Clubs; Slang expressions;
Activities (plays, outings, dances, programs); Organizations;

Also include: (working backwards through year)
graduation announcement; single shot; group shot; party invitations; gifts received;
copies of college letters acceptances (plus list of where applied); trips (senior trip, away games, etc.)
dances (Xmas dance, spring formal, Sadie Hawkins); sports games (football, basketball, baseball, soccer)
NOTE : Save everything in Zip Lock bags and journal the event AT THE TIME, including date, who, what, where, when, how, why, plus feelings. That will make the project much more manageable. I would also start working on it the summer before the senior year starts.

Compiled by: Nancy Wagner (

High School Album

(Jean Gifford)

I am assembling an album for my high school years. These are some of the pages I am using:
1.) Spring Break Layout - I went to the Bahamas so I have a lot of pictures from that.
2.) "Circle of Friends" - I am putting the graduation pictures of my five closest friends from H.S. and telling a bit about them.
3.) "The Rest of the Gang" - A few pages of a bunch of other graduation pics of other friends with their names.
4.) A two-page spread of all of my own senior pictures.
5.) Pages for graduation party pictures. Have a few pages decorated so the graduate can have his/her friends sign at the party.
6.) A layout for their activities. i.e. I played softball and was in pep club.
7.) A page layout to mount the years report cards.
8.) A page layout to display college acceptance letters.
9.) A page layout displaying memorabilia for the college I choose to go to.

School Days Sentiments Album

Cut small triangles and rectangles in your school colors to use throughout the album.
Some possible page subjects: Car, Friends, Sports, Band/Choir, Awards, Teachers, Prom, Homecoming, Winter Holidays, Spring Break, Senior Trip, Class Schedule, Graduation Day, Graduation Party, Local hangouts, parents, church youth group. (Jen M. Michigan CMC)

College ABC List

(compiled by Donna in MB)

A - alpha, acing an exam, academic, astronomy, art, architecture, agriculture, admissions, anthropology, archeology, alumni, animal house, all-nighter, anatomy, administration, accounting, Alma Mater, average, above average, adviser
B - beta, biology, bachelors, business administration, book store, bursary, beer, bills, bird course, budget, bibliography, biochemistry, Baccalaureate, banquet
C - chi, college, computer science, classes, curriculum, campus, chemistry, civil engineering, commerce, credits, communication, CV, course, chancellor, cap and gown, coffee shop, cafeteria, core courses, cum laude, car pool, care package, cramming, cooking, CDs, co-ed, co-op work placement, career, captain
D - delta, diploma, drama, degree, dean, dormitory, dentistry, design, department, desk, dining hall, DVD, download, diary, dream
E - eta, epsilon, English, ecology, exam, engineering, electrical engineering, economics, education, electives, election, email
F - French, friends, fraternity, fine art, faculty, football, fees, finals, forestry, full course, freshman, fail, Financial Aid, foundations, future
G - gamma, geology, geography, geophysics, grades, graduation, Greek Week, grants, graduate studies, GPA
H - history, human ecology, home economics, home coming, home team, honors, health sciences, half course, histogram
I - iota, internet, inorganic chemistry, ivy league, interior design, ivory tower, intramural sports, instructor, initiation, independence, incomplete, international studies, international student, IM
J - journalism, justice, jobs, junior, Java, journal
K - kappa, keepsake, know-it-all, knowledge, knowledgeable, kissable, keg, Kraft Dinner
L - lambda, language, linguistics, law, laboratory, lab reports, logic, learning, library, life sciences, laundry, lounge, lecture, lecturer, late night, laptop, latte
M - mu, music, medicine, mark transcripts, marks, master, mathematics, mechanical engineering, marketing, management, major, minor, midterms, microbiology, magna cum laude, Mac and Cheese, marketing, mascot
N - nu, newspaper, nuclear physics, nutrition, natural sciences, nursing, new, neighbors
O - omega, omicron, organic chemistry, office, optometry, orientation, options, oceanography, 'on the curve'
P - pi, psi, post graduate, PHD, papers, projects, philosophy, psychology, professor, pharmacy, physics, political science, paleontology, pledge, party, pre-requisites, pass, phone home, program, programming, PC, pizza
Q - quiz, questions, quantum physics, quiet time
R - rho, residence, reunion, research, records, registration, room mates, religion, rush week, road trip, Rhodes scholar, ramen noodles, reading room, robes, read
S - sigma, science, statistics, student union, students, sheepskin, sorority, scholarships, scholars, social work, syllabus, sports, Spring Break, semester, scroll, sophomore, senior, senior project, summa cum laude, summer job, student loan, sorority
T - theta, tau, tutor, tests, theology, technology, thesis, theater, team, TA / teaching assistant, tenure, tuition, traditions, transfer, TV, today, tomorrow
U - upsilon, undergraduates, university, universe
V - veterinary science, visual arts, vacation, values, visitor, view
W - women's studies, wisdom, world, wheels, work, wonder
X - Xi, Xmas, x-rated, eXplore, eXamine, eXcitement, eXtra special
Y - yearbook, year, year end, yesterday
Z - zeta, zoology, zero, zzzzz, zest

Personalize your College ABC list with:
- name of your college/university
- building and place names
- your school colors
- your team names, mascots, mottos, cheers, etc.

College Student Page Idea

Use two small maps, one of your town and another of his college town? Put them on opposite ends of a 2-page spread and connect them with a long phone cord and lots of hearts. You could also use a picture of a computer/modem or stamped envelopes.

College Album

This is not an album about college, it is an album for a student to take with them to college. It includes photos of family, friends, pets, favorite hometown places, etc. (a good use for duplicate photos). This is something for the student to look at when they get homesick. It also keeps their other albums safe at home until they establish a permanent residence.


Laws of Class Scheduling:

KU versus K-State

A graduate from the University of Kansas, a graduate from Kansas State and a pig were in the hospital waiting room, each awaiting the birth of his firstborn.
Suddenly, the lights went out. Fortunately, power was restored shortly thereafter and the head nurse made her way to the waiting room.
"I've got good news and bad news, gentlemen and pig," she announced. "Despite the electrical outage, two healthy boys and one healthy piglet have been delivered. However, since the lights went out at the most inopportune time, we aren't sure which firstborn belongs to whom. The only way we know to resolve the problem is to draw straws and have the winner choose first."
The three proud papas agreed, and the K-State grad won the drawing. He was escorted into the delivery room and looked at the three newborns for a painstakingly long time. Finally, with head bowed, he scooped up the piglet and headed for the door.
"Sir, are you quite certain that you've made the right choice?" the nurse asked.
"No, I'm not," replied the Wildcat. "But I just couldn't run the risk of ending up with the KU kid."

After I sent this out to my high school graduating class email group, some of whom attended each of the above schools, I got this reply from a KU graduate:
" . . . I can see how a K-State Grad would make that decision. KU people know about DNA testing."

(NOTE: feel free to reverse the names of the school in this joke or substitute local schools)

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