Precious baby I look in your eyes and wonder how such innocence can be so wise.

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Page Ideas

Baby's 'Firsts'

Calendar pages and ruled pages are a good way to record the first time your baby does something. You can also use journaling boxes with lists of 'firsts'. Some things you can take photos of like the first bath, first solid food, etc. Others you could take a photo on the day it happened or just journal it. Some people scatter 'firsts' throughout a baby album at the time they happened. Others group them together.

Here are some 'firsts' you might want to take note of:

Baby's Favorites

This can include any of baby's favorite things--such as music, position, person, bottle, pacifier, blanket, toy, food, animal, game, book, etc. You can do a favorites page each year or a page that spans the years so you can more easily observe changes.

Songs about Babies

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