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Child's ABC album

Letters are alternating primary color die-cuts. Draw border with primary color pens 1/2" from page edge. Adhere die-cut, then write 'is for Artwork' with black pen. Stickers match the subject, not the letter. Example: on the artwork page use crayon stickers; for birthdays use cake and candles.
Use the space between border and page edge to write Nursery Rhymes, Songs, etc. Example 'All around the mulberry bush . . .' on the A page; 'Little Miss Muffet . . .' on the L page; etc.

Alternate ideas are in [brackets].

A is for Artwork (child with artwork) [aunts]
B is for Birthdays [brother, bath]
C is for Cousins [christening, Christmas]
D is for Dress-Up (child in heels, etc.) [Daddy]
E is for Eating (pictures of messy faces) [Easter]
F is for Family (mom, baby sister, and dad) [first tooth]
G is for Grandparents [growing]
H is for Holidays [Halloween]
I is for Ice Cream (child eating ice cream cone) [infant]
J is for Jump Rope [jeans]
K is for Kisses (child kissing others) [kin]
L is for Love is . . . [laugh]
M is for Mommy [merry-go-round]
N is for Nutty (acting silly) [newborn, nose]
O is for Owie (bad sunburn on face) [Outdoors]
P is for Playing [party]
Q is for Quilts (child with quilt and quilt maker) [quiet time]
R is for Reading [Raggedy Ann]
S is for Sleeping, [smiles, sister]
T is for Tub Time [tea party]
U is for Uncles [umbrella]
V is for VIP [Valentine]
W is for Weddings, [water fun]
X is for xylophone [Xmas]
Y is for Yellow (dressed in yellow) [year old, yawning]
Z is for Zoo [zzzz]

Descriptive/Personality Trait ABC List

Put the name down the left side of the page using ABC die-cuts or large stickers. Then write words starting with those letters that describe the person and add photos illustrating some of the words.
Example: for Amy you could use amusing, active and agreeable with a photo of Amy making a funny face; musical, merry and mischievous with a photo of Amy playing the piano; and yakity, young and yawning with a photo of Amy talking on the phone.

A - absolutely . . . . , accomplished, achiever, active, admirable, adorable, adventurous, affectionate, agile, agreeable, alert, amazing, ambitious, amiable, amusing, angelic, artistic, assured, athletic, avid . . . . , award-winning, awesome
B - bashful, beautiful, becoming, beloved, best, big-hearted, blessing, blissful, blond, bold, bookworm, bouncy, brave, bright, brilliant, bubbly, buddy, busy
C - carefree, caring, champion, charismatic, charming, cheerful, classy, clever, compassionate, confident, conscientious, considerate, cool, cooperative, cordial, courageous, courteous, crazy, creative, cuddly, cultured, curious, cute, cut-up
D - dainty, dandy, daredevil, daring, darling, daydreamer, debonair, decisive, dedicated, delicate, delightful, dependable, determined, devoted, diverse, divine, docile, doer, dreamer, droll, dynamic
E - eager, earnest, easy-going, eccentric, effervescent, elegant, encouraging, energetic, engaging, enjoyable, enterprising, entertainer, enthusiastic, ethical, even-tempered, excellent, excited, explorer, expressive, exquisite, extra special, extraordinary
F - fair, faithful, family-oriented, fantastic, fashionable, fast, fearless, fine, first class, flamboyant, flashy, focused, friendly, fun, funny
G - gabby, generous, gentle, genuine, gifted, giggly, giving, glad, glamorous, gleeful, good, good-humored, good-natured, goofy, graceful, gracious, great, growing
H - handsome, handy, happy, happy-go-lucky, headstrong, healthy, helper, hilarious, honest, honey, hopeful, huggable, humane, humble, humorous
I - imaginative, important, impressive, incredible, independent, individual, industrious, ingenious, innocent, inquisitive, insistent, inspirational, intelligent, interesting, inventive, irresistible
J - jazzy, jester, joker, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, jubilant, just . . . .
K - keen, kicky, kidder, kind, kind-hearted, kissable, knockout, knowledgeable, kooky
L - ladylike, lanky, leader, lean, leaner, light-hearted, likable, limber, listener, lively, logical, lovable, lovely, loving, loyal
M - magical, magnificent, marvelous, mature, masterpiece, meek, merry, messy, mild-mannered, mischievous, muscular, musical, mysterious
N - natural . . . . , naughty, neat, nice, night owl, nimble, noble, noisy, nonstop, notorious, nutty
O - obedient, objective, obliging, observant, observer, obsessed, only, open-hearted, open-minded, optimistic, orderly, organized, original, out-a-sight, outgoing, outrageous, outspoken, outstanding
P - passive, patient, patriotic, peaceful, perceptive, perfect, perfectionist, performer, perky, persistent, persuasive, pioneer, playful, pleasant, pleasing, poetic, poised, polite, popular, positive, precious, predictable, pretender, pretty, pretty as a picture, punctual
Q - quality, quaint, queenly, quick, quiet, quirky, quizzical
R - radiant, rascal, rational, ray of sunshine, reasonable, referee, reflection, refreshing, regal, relaxed, reliable, religious, remarkable, resourceful, respected, respectful, rewarding, risk-taker, rowdy, rugged
S - saucy, sassy, scholarly, select, self-assured, sensational, sensible, sentimental, sensitive, serious, sexy, sharing, sharp, shy, silly, sincere, skillful, small, smart, smiler, snuggly, solemn, solid, sophisticated, special, spirited, spiritual, spontaneous, star, strong, studious, sunny, super, sweet
T - talented, talkative, tall, team player, tease, tenacious, tender-hearted, terrific, thankful, thinker, thoughtful, ticklish, tidy, timid, tiny, tireless, tough, true, trustworthy, truthful, twinkle, typical
U - ultimate, ultra . . . . , unbelievable, uncanny, understanding, unfailing, uninhibited, unique, unmistakably . . . . , unusual, upbeat, uplifting, useful
V - valuable, very . . . . , vibrant, vigilant, vigor, vigorous, vitality, vivacious, vocal, vulnerable
W - wacky, warm, warm-hearted, whimsical, whiz, wild, willful, willing, winner, wise, witty, wonderful, wordy, worker
X - eXcellent, eXciting, eXplorer, eXpressive, eXquisite, eXtraordinary, eXtra-special, eXuberant
Y - yakkity, yawning, young-at-heart, youthful, yummy
Z - zany, zealous, zest, zestful, zingy, zip, zippy

A, You're Adorable

(Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise and Sidney Lippman)

A, you're adorable,
B, you're so beautiful,
C, you're a cutie full of charm,
D, you're delightful (or delectable) and
E, you're exciting and
F, you're the fairest in my heart,
(or - you're a feather in my arms)
G, you're so good to me,
(or - you look good to me)
H, you're so heavenly,
I, you're the one I idolize,
J, we're like Jack and Jill,
K, you're so kissable,
L , you're the love light in my eyes,
(or - is the love light in your eyes)
M, N, O, P, I could go on all day
Q, R, S, T, alphabetically speaking, you're okay,
U made my life complete,
V means you're very sweet,
W, X, Y, Z,
It's fun to wander through, the alphabet with you,
to tell you what you mean to me.

Using the Above Song in a Sentiments Album

(a sentiments album is about 5 x 7)

Use one color of sticker letters throughout the book. Write the words to the song, A, You're Adorable, across the pages. This makes a great Valentine, anniversary, or baby shower gift--or even a gift for newlyweds, decorated in the wedding colors.

To make an album that the recipient can put their own photos in, adhere a 4" x 6" photo mounting sleeve to each page. Cut various colors of paper into 4" x 6" pieces, then insert into the photo sleeves. The recipient can crop photos and mount on the paper, or insert uncropped photos into the sleeves. You could adhere a larger piece of paper on each page and adhere the photo sleeve to the paper. (Mama Bear)

ABC Album--Made by the Kids

Put pictures and stickers on a separate page for each letter. Use extra or duplicate photos or take pictures especially for the album. Go on an 'Alphabet Hunt' and look for things around the house that start with certain letters--like 'Daddy doing dishes', 'Tina talking on the telephone', 'Open Oven', or 'Super Snowman'. Form letters with your bodies and have someone take pictures. Put the pictures and stickers on the appropriate pages of the album. Write words that start with that letter around the edge of the page. Include favorite foods, family members, friends, and places you've been. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A - apple, airplane, ark, ant, animals, autumn, ark, arrow, automobile, angel, arm, ankle, alligator, asleep, award, aunt, aquarium, ask, answer
B - bat, ball, blue balloon, bear, beach ball, bunny, bow, baby, blocks, bugs, book, birthday, bowling ball, basketball, bubble bath, binoculars, butterfly, bus, boat, bike, band-aid on a boo-boo, banana, bell, birds, big
C - camping, Christmas, candle, church, camera, crayons, car, cat, candy, confetti, corn, crab, circle, cake, coat, cow, cousins, carousel, cup, cookies, clouds, clock, children, computer
D - dog, doll, dad, dolphin, duck, dancing, daughter, diaper, daffodil, dinosaur, drum, dress-up, December, dragonfly, dream, donkey, dime, door, dragon, dessert, dirt, draw, dress, dollar
E - Easter eggs, eat, ear, eye, elves, elephant, earth, emergency, evening, enter, exit, empty, eagle, exercise, earth, energy, egret, eel, Eskimo
F - family, flowers, food, feet, fingers, funny face, frog, French fries, flag, fountain, fun, friends, football, fuzzy fruit, father, February, fly, fox, flea, four, five, flamingos
G - game, grandparents, god, garden, glove, gift, gingerbread man, giraffe, goose, girl, green, goofy, glasses, goldfish, gum, giggle, garage, great, grade, glad, grow, grasshopper, grapes, gorilla
H - heart, holly, happy, hammer, hats, horn, horse, Halloween, hand, hair, house, harmonica, hiccups, hug, hockey, helmet, hippopotamus, hum, hide, hot, hello, hop, hint
I - imagination, ice cream, iguana, Indian corn, inch, invention, ice, inside, igloo, instruments, invitation, inchworm, iris, ice skating, Indian, injury, irresistible
J - jack-o-lantern, jack-in-the-box, jellybeans, January, June, July, Jesus, jelly jar, joke, jump, jaguar, job, juice, junk, jacket, jungle, jet, jingle
K - key, kitten, kids, kiss, kick, knuckles, knees, knight, Kodak, kite, koala, kangaroo, knock, knot, kitchen, ketchup, kettle, knife, kayak, kiwi, kindergarten
L - leaf, ladder, lollipop, lamp, ladybugs, lunch box, library, left, lick, lion, Legos, listen, learn, look, lizards, lobster, little, large, lake, loud, laugh, love, lemon, lime, leg, lap, letter
M - mother, monkey, moon, music, mailbox, map, mitten, macaroni, marshmallow, measure, money, mud, muffin, Mickey mouse, movie, may, milk, mask
N - nose, nuts, note, number nine, nap time, newspaper, niece, nephew, night, nurse, neighbor, noodle, noisy, November, naughty, nice, nest, nickel, noon, new, name
O - one, orange, oak, octopus, oval, octagon, open, oven, oatmeal, outside, ocean, old, otter, orangutan, October, okay, opposite, ouch!, on, off, oregano
P - puppy, pencil, parents, pen, pumpkin, pail, pinwheel, pink, purple, paper, picnic, pig, panda, penguin, parrot, peas, peanut, paw, Popsicle, party, pine, pancakes, pie, pajamas, paint, pretty, pizza, pets, park, peach
Q - quilt, queen, quiet, quick, quack, quote, quiz, question, quarter, barbeQue, quit, quail, quart, quote, quesadilla, quest, quality, quill
R - rose, rainbow, roller skates, rabbit, radio, red, refrigerator, rice, rain, reading, ring, room, ride, rooster, reindeer, running, raspberries, rocket, ribbon, rest
S - shiny stars sparkle, skate board, silly, shoveling snow, squirrel, spin, sun, smile, son, sing, swim, September, summer, spring, sand, shadow, socks, slow, school, Saturday, Sunday, see-saw, sailboat
T - train, tree, tulips, tennis, turtle, tricycle, toys, teacher, talk, truck, taxi, tractor, tooth, table, tools, telephone, team, terrific, ten, two, television, turkey, toad, treasure, taste, trick-or-treat
U - umbrella, upside-down, uncle, unusual, USA, underwater, underwear, uniform, us, universe, upstairs, unicycle, under, untie, utensils
V - vegetables, violet, vacation, violin, valentine, vitamins, volcano, vacuum, van, vest, vines, Volkswagen, vase, vulture, video, valley, visit, voice, volunteer
W - wagon, watermelon, whale, wonderful waffles, weather, wedding, worship, work, women, witch, wheelbarrow, wolf, woodpecker, watch, wave, walk, wash, wish, write, worm
X - Xmas, x-ray, x-ing stands for crossing, x-tra special, xylophone, xxx's are kisses, example, excited, extraordinary
Y - yellow, yo-yo, yarn, yodel, yak, yes, yams, yawn, year, yardstick, you, yolk, yell, yield, yeast, yummy, yesterday, young, Mr. Yuk, yikes!
Z - zoo, zipper, zebra, zinnia, zzz's, zigzag, zip code, zero, zodiac, zucchini, zap, zoom, zinc

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