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The best thing to hold onto in this world is each other.

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Love Songs

song lists about I love you, being in love, my love, your love

More Love Songs

song lists about adoration, being alone, being true, belonging, cherishing, closeness, connections, counting on, crazy, desire, devotion, flirting, liking, loss, being lovable, love bugs, love letters, love songs, our love, true love, making love, making up, meeting, mine, pledges, promises, romance, second chances, sex, surrender, togetherness, trust, willingness, yours

Pet Name Songs

song lists about babe, baby, beloved, companion, darling, dear, honey, lover, one and only, soulmate, sugar, sweetheart

Happy Love Songs

misc happy love song titles, and song lists about again, believing, endless love, giving, good, loving, need, new love, only, want

Heart Songs

song lists about heart, heartbeat, broken hearts, heartaches, lonely heart, sweethearts

Sad Love Songs

misc sad love song titles

More Sad Love Songs

song lists about affairs, again, almost, anymore, belonging, breaking up, cheating, being close, coming close, don't, enemies, ever, games, hope, hunger, hurting, being in the way, jealousy, letting go, loss, might have been, need, old flames, promises, rebounding, reflection, second chances, second thoughts, should have been, being single, being sorry, tangles, temptation, trust, used to be, want, wondering

Missing You Songs

songs lists about absence, being alone, being apart, being away, belonging, coming back, loneliness, missing, without

More Missing You Songs

songs lists about farewell, go away, gone, goodbye, leaving, left, running away, walking away