I don't know how many of you kept your yearbooks but that is just about the only thing I still have from high school. I thought it would be fun to have people scan or copy some of the more interesting and amusing things that people wrote in their yearbooks. I am going to type in most of mine because scans take up a lot of bandwidth. However I will include one scan because of the unusual way it was written.

JoeL to DennyD

There are things in my yearbooks that relate to other sections of this website. In some cases I will put the things here and link back from the other section and in other cases I will put the things in the other section and link back to here. I just added some things to the graduation page.

I never looked at my yearbooks after graduation until my daughters got old enough for high school. I thought the girls would enjoy reading them and it didn't occur to me to read them first. I ended up having a lot of explaining to do! They had barely started into the Freshman yearbook when they found several references to parties - and one in particular that I supposedly had. From the frequency it was mentioned and some of the things that were said it seemed like it must have been quite a party. Here are some of the things they read:

Donít forget your party... LindaH
... Lots of luck to a "perfect" hostess. MarthaH
I sure enjoyed your party, but who wouldnít... SkipB
... remember the time some of came down and twisted... KeetaS
Iíll never forget the fun I had at your Ďtwistí party, how could I ... GlennC
I hope you donít throw any more of those parties like the last one ... PeteS
... I hope you have another party like the last one. RonB
... Watch out for those wild parties. BobbiM
I remember some of your parties and they were a lot of fun ... PhilipB
Iíll never forget the parties at Mary Janeís and your house, how could I? ... MonteM
... parties, parties and more parties ... LindaL2
Remember that one party you had ... SharonH
Remember all the fun we had together at the party ... RonM
Iíll never forget all the fun weíve had at your parties ... TerryC
Iíll always remember the ďtwistĒ party you had just the other day... LindaL

As I read over the things I did recall several parties I had had at my house and I knew a couple of them had been during our freshman year. But I knew that none of them had been remotely 'wild' and that nothing particularly memorable had ever happened that I could think of. My mother never even let people smoke at our house unless she knew it was okay with their parents and if anyone appeared to have been drinking they were asked to leave. I also knew that every party I had had was closely chaperoned.
It was only after reading the next three items that I started to recall the circumstances surrounding the party.

. . . Lots of luck with the you know who! GenelleB
Good luck to the perfect hostess! I donít care what anyone says those parties were fun. . .
(P.S. Name it after me) FranC
Keep having those wild parties, kid! Youíre a sweet kid and Iím sure your children (humph!)
will be as sweet as you are! AnnS

Then later I looked at some photos taken during that year and I remembered the rest of it. The photos are in the party section of this site so I will continue this story there.

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