Some words of thanks . . .

This page is dedicated to all the people who helped me in various ways in creating this website. I won't name too many specific names because I would leave out many of those who should be included.

First I want to thank the many people who had the vision to plan and create computers and the internet. I won't even pretend to understand most of it yet, but the end results are something I am extremely grateful for.
Next are the people who have helped me learn about computers and web design. Christy (Baysmom), helped me with my first website. She not only took my very bad source code and fixed it so it worked, but she also had the patience to explain how she did it. There are many others who have given me help and advice, including: those who write books about things like HTML and CSS, my teachers and classmates at the Wichita Area Technical College, and the people who send me suggestions on how to improve my websites. Graphic artists also deserve a lot of credit since because of my lack of artistic talent. Most of the graphics on this site - including all the denim stuff - came from Blackat's Graphics.
The right to use many of the photos is thanks to Gene Durst, the last owner of Strain's Studio. He sent me a release to copy any photo ever taken there.

I also want to thank Terry Cain because she is one who contacted me about helping planning for the 2000 reunion, which led me to the idea of doing the website. There were several other class members who encouraged me, looked at my first clumsy efforts and gave feedback for improvements.
Even more than that I thank my lucky stars that I was a member of such a great high school class. Had it not been for that I would not have been inspired to make this website in the first place.

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