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This is an overview of the layout of the website. I put links at the bottom of most pages that take you to related sub-pages. You can also go directly to the main pages from here by clicking the names. I put ‘home’ buttons and ‘email me’ buttons throughout the site to make it more convenient to use. I welcome any comments and suggestions for improving the layout and structure of the site.

Home Page

You must have been a beautiful baby - photos and stories of our pre-high-school days

The way we were

60’s linkslinks to websites about the 50's, 60's and Garnett
Schoolthe classes, the building, lunch, etc.

Cheerleading and Misc. Sports

Extracurricular Activities - music, plays, clubs, etc.

Clubs and Organizations

Parties and Dances - school or non-school

Misc School Dances
Slumber Parties
Non-school Parties

Yearbooks - things written in our yearbooks
Faculty -
information about GHS faculty members

If our friends could see us now - current information about class members

Military Service
Location -
a map of where we currently live

The friendships continuefriendships that continued beyond high school

Class Connections - class members who are cousins, in-laws, etc.

Gone but not forgotten - dedicated to class members who are no longer living

Notes and News - info for first time visitors and update stuff

Most wanted list - class members that we have lost contact with

Extraspeople who were in our class in elementary or early high school

Reunion stuff
5-year Reunion
10-year Reunion
15-year Reunion
20-year Reunion
25-year Reunion
30-year Reunion
35-year Reunion
40-year Reunion
Mini-Reunions -
group events between regular reunions

Thank you

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