Garnett High School Class of '65


In addition to the regular reunions that we have every 5 years, there have been other events that I am going to call "mini-reunions" (until someone comes up with a better term). Some have been impromptu gatherings of 3 or 4 class members and others have been a planned activity that included several class members.

There is already a page on this site for people who have continued their friendships with classmates and there will be some overlap between the two. For the most part this page will be for structured events or those that were in some way related to class activities and the other page will be for informal get-togethers or just hanging out.

I am relying on those involved in the various activities to send me info. I think there was a ski trip somewhere and a trip to Las Vegas. I also recall one year being invited to a pig roast in Garnett which I didn't attend. I think it was in August but I don't recall what year.

Here is a link to photos of the Lake Garnett Grand Prix Road Rally and Car Show on July 24, 2004.