Sunday Brunch at Malone's

I really enjoyed the brunch at Malone's. The food was good and plentiful, the building was interesting and we had a private room so there was a lot of opportunity for visiting.

The people who I recall attending the brunch are:
DennyD and Alby; RogerA and wife Phyllis; LarryC; MarkW and wife Linda; PaulS, RonR and wife Robert H.; DanF; LindaH; MarilynN; CharlesV (the only class member at the brunch who hadn't been at any of the events the day before); FranC; TerryC; GlennC; JoeL; Merle Wittman and wife Kay; HaroldD and daughter Meghan; DavidM; and MonteM If I have forgotten anyone please let me know.

The Anderson County Court House from the upper floor of Malone's.
I edited out the wires and vehicles but decided to leave the reflections from the window.

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