Garnett High School Class of '65

25-Year Reunion

In 1990, Joe and Betty Lytle once again invited our rowdy group to descend on them for our special 25-year reunion. I attended the cookout and the first 2 hours of the dance so I have the group photo (see below).
As usual I welcome snapshots and recollections from other class members about this reunion. I think this reunion had the most class members in attendance of any previous reunion. Out of the 82 class members we were able to contact, 47 attended the reunion. The newspaper article about the reunion is a little blurry but if you hover your mouse over the faces you should see the names.


class photo

I couldn't get a good scan of the newspaper article about the reunion so I will type it in:
Garnett High School Class of 1965 held their 25th reunion June 23, 1990. Class members and spouses met at the home of Joe and Betty Lytle for an afternoon of visiting ending with a hog roast - provided by Ron McCain. An evening dance at the VFW was followed by a breakfast at the Lytle's, provided by Ron and Roberta Romig.
Sadly missed, yet fondly remembered are our four classmates who are deceased: Linda Askins, Skipper Boyd, Larry Feuerborn and Raymond Marmon.
(Hover your mouse over the faces to see the names.)

LarryC DanF MonteM KarenB JerryH RogerA JohnW JudyO JeannieZ LindaL RonR RobertaH LindaH MarthaW ShirleyV ConnieM DennyD KeetaS MaryJaneB MarilynN MarjorieP MarthaH BobbiM GenellB TerryC CharlesV MikeC GlennC TarryM JohnG RichardS RonW DormanT RonM JerryK DonA PeteS JoeL MerleW HerbW DavidM LinnieG SteveS MarkW OliverM