Garnett High School Class of '65

20-Year Reunion

This was the first reunion to be held (in part) at Joe and Betty Lytle's place. I enjoyed it very much. It was so interesting meeting the families of some of the class members and having the time and place to talk and catch up on people's lives. I did attend the first part of the dance and I have the group photo (see below).

If anyone has photos or recollections of the after-dance party or breakfast at Joe's let me know. (Also if you attended but were not in the group photo.)

group photo
Hover your mouse over the faces to see the names.

invitation photoc

This is a photo I took at the reunion. On the left are LindaH, DonA and KeetaS. On the right are RonM and his girl friend. The photo was taken in JoeL and Betty's yard. The South Lake is in the background.

HerbW RogerA MerleW PeteS JanisM MarilynN DennyD ConnieB TerryC LindaH KeetaS DonA HazelH AnnS LindaL RonR LarryC RobertH RonM CharlesV BillyB RonW RichardS JerryH LeonardD MaxF GlennC DanF HaroldD JoeL TarryM GaryW JohnW JerryK DavidR