Garnett High School Class of '65

20-Year Reunion

This was the first reunion to be held (in part) at Joe and Betty Lytle's place. I enjoyed it very much. It was so interesting meeting the families of some of the class members and having the time and place to talk and catch up on people's lives. I attended the first part of the dance.

If anyone has photos or recollections of the after-dance party or breakfast at Joe's let me know. (Also if you attended but were not in the group photo.)


group photo

Back: David Rogers, Jerry Katzer, John Walters, Gary Wittman, Tarry Miller, Joe Lytle, Harold Denchfield, Dan Fraker
Row 4: Max Farren, Leonard Davison, Jerry Hoke, Larry Caldwell, Rick Strutman, Ronnie Wolken, Billy Burns, Charles Vosseller
Row 3: Glenn Caldwell, Roberta Hill Romig, Linda Lewis, Linda Holmes Macklin, Terry Cain, Connie Burns, Ronnie McCain
Row 2: Ann Sheern, Hazel Henderson, Don Anderson, Keeta Skillman Berger, Denny Davis, Marilyn Nilges Bennett, Janis Main
Front: Pete Schuster, Merle Wittman, Roger Adams, Herb Waring

LindaH DonA KeetaS RonM

Left: LindaH, DonA and KeetaS. Right: RonM and his girl friend.

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