Garnett High School Class of '65

10-Year Reunion

The only photos I have from the 10 year reunion are the group photos below. I am not positive on some of the identities of people in the photo so if anyone has any corrections let me know - also if you know anyone who attended but was not in the photo. If you have other photos or recollections of the reunion I would be happy to add them to the site.

The main thing I remember about the reunion was that Mary Jane (Brooks) created a situation where I ended up having to polka because of a dance contest I had won many years earlier. What she didn't know was that my partner in the earlier dance contest knew how to polka very well and I just followed. The person she had me dance with at the reunion only knew a little more about the polka than I did so it did not turn out the way she expected!

My copy of the invitation was very faded so I will type it here.

Dear Class of '65 Member:
  It hardly seems possible that another five years have passed, but they seem to have a way of going by more quickly and quietly year after year. At any rate, it's that time again, and we've planned a really great reunion complete with live entertainment, skits, etc. (Wait til you see our etc.!!)

We've been dead since '65,
let's all COME ALIVE in '75!!!!
Attend the 10 year reunion of
the graduating class of 1965!!!!

  Bring your MATE or DATE, and come for all the festivities. We'll start off the evening with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT PERIOD at 5:30 p.m., followed by the banquet, meeting and program at 7pm, and the band will start at 9 pm. We've engaged the MOREY SULLIVAN TRIO, who have played most of the HOLIDAY CLUB'S around the country, the TRADE WIND'S WEST in Tulsa, the RIVER QUAY in Kansas City, Mo. The dance will be open to members and guests, however, due to Kansas Statute, we are not allowed to advertise publicly(due to an open bar in a private club). Therefore,advance tickets may be reserved for friends and relatives of class members, by contacting either Merle Wittman (1-913-448-6175) or Mary Jane "Muff" Brooks Sayler (1-918-336-1791). Tickets for the dance alone will be $3.00 per person or $6.00 per couple. So, spread the word and contact or have your friends contact one of us!!!!

  It goes without saying that we want everyone to come to the reunion, however, if you find it impossible to attend, please write a letter telling us what you are doing now and where you are. These letters will be read at the reunion.

SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1975 - 5:30 P.M. TIL ???????
TICKETS FOR REUNION: $6 per person/$12 per couple
(cost of tickets include meal, dance & hall rental)
Marilyn Bennett R.S.V.P. BY MAY 14, 1975 B.Y.O.B.

  Mary Jane Sayler, Merle Wittman, Monte Mace, Terry Hastert, Keeta Berger, Marilyn Bennett (steering committee)

class photo

black and white class photo

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