Slumber Parties

I had a few large slumber parties during Jr. High and High School and many smaller ones with just 3 or 4 people. I attended slumber parties at several other people's houses. The ones I remember as having the most slumber parties were MaryJaneB and LindaH. Some of the other people whose slumber parties I attended at least once are GenelleB, JanB, TerryC/JanisM, MarthaH, BobbiM, SueS, KeetaS, AnnS and JeannieZ.

Mary Jane's party
A birthday party at Mary Jane's house.
SueS, DennyD, GenelleB, MarthaH, LindaL2, BobbieM, AnnS

Mary Jane's partyThe photo at the left is DennyD, TerryC and MaryJaneB at Mary Jane's house. I don't know what the occasion was or why we were all looking so strange.