This page is for all the proms anyone in the class attended or was associated with.

Prom - 1962

Our Freshman Home Ec class was required to help with the Jr./Sr. banquet. I think the theme was Hawaiian and we had to wear something I felt ridiculous in. We made some kind of salad with lettuce, cottage cheese, and canned pears. Denny

Prom - 1964

When I was a Junior the last thing I wanted to do was dress up in a formal and high heels, eat weird food in the school cafeteria and dance all evening to boring music. So Skip and I, along with two other girls and I think 3 other guys decided to have a little fun by attending the prom in sweatshirts and cut-offs. However someone tipped off the chaperones and we were met at the door and not allowed to enter. It didn’t really matter as we had no intention of staying because a much more interesting party was going on elsewhere. However I’ve always wondered who told – and why. Denny

Prom - 1965

A lot changed between my Junior and Senior year. In 1965 I did the whole "formal, high heels, corsage" thing - but it wasn't nearly as much fun as the year before! Denny