As I recall the FHA-FFA dance was held in December. It was fairly formal but not quite as much as the prom. The prince, princess and attendants had to be members of FHA or FFA.

freshman FHA-FFA dance
Freshman FHA-FFA Dance (1961)

sophomore FHA-FFA danceThe photo on the right is me ready to go to the FHA-FFA dance in 1962. I am wearing my 8th grade graduation dress, renovated with the addition of bows made from black velvet ribbon. I didn't mind not always having a new dress as long as I liked what I had - which in that case I did. I attended the dance with Gary Wittman. When my mother gave me the old photos from my school years I wondered why she hadn't included Gary when she took this photo. Since I was wearing a corsage I thought it was taken after he came to pick me up. Later I remembered that back then the corsages were often delivered the afternoon of the dance. When my daughters were in high school the boys always brought their corsages, but that could be because we lived in the country.

sophomore FHA-FFA dance
Sophomore FHA-FFA Dance (1962)

senior FHA-FFA dance
Senior FHA-FFA Dance (1964)