All the things I have about Homecoming are from the yearbooks. If I get enough photos or information to warrent it I will make separate pages for each year.

freshman Homecoming
Freshman Year - 1961-62

In our Freshman year Homecoming was on October 20, 1961. The Garnett Bulldogs beat the Humboldt Cubs 45 - 0! The theme of the dance was Now and Forever. King and Queen were Mike Bowen and Diane Archer. Attendants were - Seniors: Phyllis Branton, Carol Fooshee, David Page and John Waite; Juniors: Debbie Mattix and Roy Thomasson; Sophomores: Marva Vallier and Norman Foltz; and Freshmen: Terry Cain and Herb Waring.

sophomore Homecoming
Sophomore Year - 1962-63

Our Sophomore year the Homecoming theme was Rendezous of the Stars. King and Queen were Debbie Mattix and Rick Doran. Attendants were - Seniors: Diane Robinson, Marlys Riley, Larry Nokes, and C. B. Harris; Juniors: Becky Long and Fred Ahring; Sophomores Terry Cain and Kenny McKnight; and Freshman: Patty Calahan and Robert Hastert.

junior homecomingjunior homecoming

Our Junior Year the Homecoming theme was Autumn Serenade. King and Queen were Joyce Wilson and Ronnie Fox. Attendants were - Seniors: Martha Vallier, Becky Long, Fred Ahring and Denny Dunbar; Juniors: Linda Lewis and Ray Marmon; Sohpomores: Lynneda Hermreck and Robert Hastert; and Freshmen: Karol Brecheisen and Pat Waring.

senior Homecoming senior Homecoming senior Homecoming

Our Senior year Homecoming king and queen were Linda Lewis and Ray Marmon. Attendants were - Seniors: Terry Cain, Jenelle Thomas, Mike Champe and Herb Waring; Juniors: Lynneda Hermreck and George Hiles; Sophomores: Cathy Page and J. D. Carr; and Freshmen: Mary Waring and Dean Barr.