School Dances

This page is for miscellaneous dances like Sadie Hawkins, page two will be for Homecoming, page three for FHA-FFA dances and page four for Prom.

Sadie Hawkins Sadie Hawkins The photo on the right is me all dressed up for the Sadie Hawkins Dance in 1962. I went with RonM (or since it was Sadie Hawkins I guess I should say that RonM went with me!). My mother made my outfit but I don't recall exactly who I was supposed to be. I am sure I liked it since I got to go bare-footed.

I am sure that RonW and I, in the photo on the left, were not on our way to any kind of school sponsored event (Miss Ruth would have had a heart-attack had we showed up dressed like that!). I just didn't have another place to put the photo and noticed I was bare-footed in both so decided to put it here.