Irving Elementary School

This page is for photos and stories related to Irving Elementary School.
See You must have been a beautiful baby... for pre-high school photos and stories not related to Irving School and Irving Junior High.

Irving Kindergarten 1953

irving kindergarten

Front Row: Ray Marmon, ??, ??, Glenn Caldwell, Max Farren, Billy Cullison, David Rogers, Fred Beckwith?, ??
Middle Row: ??, Tarry Miller, Connie Burns, Judy Osborn, ??, ??, ??, ??, Ron McCain?
Back Row: Roberta Hill, ??, Linda Holmes, Ruth Randall, Marilyn Nilges, Linda Lickteig, ??, Fran Craig, ??

Irving Grade 1 1954

grade one

Front Row: David Rogers, Tarry Miller, Linda Askins, Linda Holmes, ??, Fred Beckwith, ??, Glenn Caldwell
Middle Row: ??, Dick Hunt, Billy Cullison, Larry Kibbie, Ron McCain, Ernest Bruington, ??, Linda Lewis, Keeta Skillman
Back Row: ??, Judy Osborne, ??, ??, Connie Burns, Marilyn Nilges, Ray Marmon, Billy Burns or Eddie White, Dorothy Benjamin (teacher)

Irving Grade 1 Spring Program 1955

grade one spring program

Front Row: Tarry Miller, David Rogers, Linda Holmes, Keeta Skillman, ??, Linda Lewis, Glenn Caldwell, ??
Middle Row: Ray Marmon, ??, Ernest Bruington?, Larry Kibbie, Ron McCain, Billy Cullison, ??, ??
Back Row: Dorothy Benjamin (teacher)

Irving Grade 2 1955

grade 2

Front Row: Tarry Miller, Ray Marmon, Billy Cullison, Eddie White, Ron McCain, Ernest Bruington, David Rogers
Row 2: Larry Kibbie, ??, Martha Hughes, Keeta Skillman, Dick Hunt, Linda Lewis, Glenn Caldwell, Mary Barr, Linda Holmes, Steve Stevens, Linda Askins (behind Steve), Marilyn Sutton, Max Farren (behind Marilyn)
Row 3: Larry Zwiener, Alene Meliza, Billy Burns, Marilyn Nilges, Right Randall, Jeannie Zastrow, Alan Curtis, Judy Osborn, Connie Burns, Dannie Moore
Back Row: Mrs. Esther Pralee (teacher)

Irving Grade 3 Spring Program 1957

It's Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

grade 3 spring program

Front Row: Tarry Miller, Dan Fraker, Max Farren, Ray Marmon, Glenn Caldwell, Larry Kibby, David Rogers
Middle Row: ??, Keeta Skillman, Martha Hughes, Marilyn Nilges, Linda Holmes, Linda Lewis, Ron McCain, J.D. Kelly, Ernest Bruington
Back Row: Billy Burns, ??, Jeannie Zastrow, Connie Burns, Ruth Randall, Billy Cullison, ??, Linda Askins, Judy Osborn, Mrs. Landis (teacher)