I don't remember too much about graduation. I had never really expected to finish school and even when I decided to finish I didn't intend to participate in graduation.
However at the last minute I decided to go and I was glad I did. I remember feeling proud for sticking with it.

In high school I was too self-absorbed to notice that other people had problems, too. We were told those were "the best years of our life". I felt guilty for not having fun so I pretended I was. I have some wonderful memories of those years, but also many bad ones.
When reading my yearbooks I was struck by how many people felt the same. Some of them may have been joking but there were too many references not to have some truth behind it.
Here are a few quotes:
The year has really flown, - I'm glad. Maybe these are the best years of our life but think what the rest will be like. they couldn't be much worse than school... (BobbiM)
We have now witnessed another year of prison. (RonM)
Well I'm glad I am getting out of here and I bet you are too. (CharlesV)
We are just about out and most of use can't wait. (ConnieB)
Well we're finally going to get out of this !#!? place. (JerryH)
We are almost free and the thought of it is wonderful. (JohnS)
This was our last year and myself I am mighty glad it is (LarryZ)
... after today we have 10 1/2 days of this term in jail to go. (LarryF)

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