The friendships continue ...

I had some photos of my daughters with the daughters of MaryJaneB, SueS and KeetaS that I wanted to put on this site. However I didn't quite know what page to put them on. That inspired me to make a page for friendships between class members that went beyond high school - whether they have continued without interruption or been rekindled in later years. (Isn't email GREAT!!!)

I made a separate page called "Connections" for class members who are related to each other.

As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change come whatever
We will still be friends forever

(from "Graduation" by Vitamin C)

Jodi, Stephanie, Kendi 1977Jodi, Stephanie, Kendi 1977
Jodi, Stephanie, Kendi 1980

These photos are of my daughters, Jodi and Kendi,
with Sue Singer's daughter, Stephanie, in between.
The photos above were taken in 1970 and 1977
and the photo at left was taken in 1980.

Kendi, Angie, Shelly 1969This photo was taken in 1969 in Ottawa.
On the left is my oldest daughter, Kendi.
Beside her on the couch is Keeta
Skillman's oldest daughter, Angie.
Mary Jane Brook's oldest daughter, Shelly,
is peaking over the top of the couch.